What to do when Djibouti visa is rejected

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If you recently applied for a visa and it got rejected then this article on what to do when Djibouti visa is rejected, is the perfect read for you.

There is a high chance that you filed the application all by yourself without the expert helps of any travel agency or a consulate. In such cases, the applicants can miss many things which can lead to rejection.

Djibouti is a small country in the Arabian Gulf, situated in Africa. The country has a very unique landscape that boasts of several natural phenomena such as salty lakes, deserts, rivers and a beautiful coastline.

Visitors often come to this country to look for undiscovered treasures of beauty which can often be found in its natural parks full of wildlife 

The culture and architecture date back to hundreds of years in this country. You will get to meet people of several different ethnicities and races all living together in harmony.

Continue to read on below to find out all the possible causes of your Djibouti visa rejection and what you can do to avoid that on a second try.



Although in most cases it turns out that the Djibouti visa is rejected because of minor issues in the paperwork. However, sometimes there can also be irreversible reasons such as criminal activities and their records.

It is advisable to consult with a trustworthy travel agency like tourist visa online to discuss this process. You should also run the documents by them before submitting them with the online application.

Rejection reasons

We have listed some of the most commonly disclosed reasons for Djibouti visa rejection

Applicants can go through them freely and discuss them with their travel agency experts so that you can prepare a pretty solid Djibouti visa application for your next time.

  • Financial

At the time of application, the applicants are supposed to submit their bank statements as proof of their ability to sustain themselves in the foreign land.

If the authorities do not think that the amount in your bank is enough then they have complete rights to reject the application.

  • Passport

If the passport that you submitted, is not valid for the next six months because you failed to renew it or for any other reason, then the visa application stands to be rejected.

  • Police Records

For special passports, the authorities at the embassy have complete rights to conduct a background check and that includes sifting through criminal records.

If they find out any undisclosed criminal activity which violates Djibouti visa policies, then it can be rejected.


  • Issues during any prior visit

During the visa processing, the embassy will also check if you have travelled to Djibouti previously.

If you had overstayed even after your visa was expired or indulged in any unruly activities while in the country, the authorization can be rejected.

  • Lax Interview

In some cases, the applicants also have to undergo an interview process. It usually happens for immigration visas. If you had a casual and carefree attitude during the interview, it can convey your disinterest in the whole process.

This can be another reason, for your Djibouti application to get rejected.

  • Incorrect or fraudulent information 

Lastly, this is the most common reason why individuals have to face visa rejections,

If you have submitted the documents containing any lies, purposefully that cannot be crosschecked then the application will be rejected.

The same thing stands for if the information written is unclear. It will not matter if the mistake was intentional or not. 



The best remedy for fixing a Djibouti visa rejection is that you talk about the above-mentioned reasons with your travel agency and eliminate all of them.

After that, you can file another visa application and it should get processed this time around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, once you figure out the reason for the Djibouti visa rejection, then you can apply once again after rectifying the mistake.

Yes, if you cannot provide enough proof that you will return back to your home country after the trip then the visa can be rejected. Since in such cases, people are oftentimes planning on becoming illegal immigrants.

It is always suggested to apply for a visa either via a travel agency like tourist visa online or a consulate because they have experts to guide you.

Yes, even the smallest issue such as unclear documents can lead to rejection.

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