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Djibouti is located in Africa. Djibouti is bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia, the Gulf of Aden, and Somaliland. Across the border area, it's covered with a red sea. Djibouti is mainly covered by Eritrea and Somaliland. Djibouti officials used two languages one is French and the other one is Arabic. About 90% of Djibouti citizens follow the Islamic religion. Djibouti's national anthem is "Jabuuti" it is kept by them after they became independent from France's rule. Djibouti is famous for its wildlife sanctuaries and landscape. It's been recognized as the third-largest country.

Djibouti facts 

  • Djibouti is mainly covered by deserts; there is a crisis of water, and most of the water in the river is salted and not worth drinking. So water prices are quite high there. 
  • Djibouti maximum nations are having the military-based rule
  • Djibouti does not have any greenery; almost 95% is covered by desert; no trees and forests are found there.
  • Djibouti's maximum population is below 25 years of age. So it's been recognized as the young country
  • Djibouti's ratio of women is quite high. As most of the population includes women
  • Djibouti has its national football team
  • Djibouti actively participates in Olympics
  • Djibouti is well-known for its wildlife.
  • Djibouti's economic condition is not well

Well, Djibouti airlines are open, the everyday flights are being conducted, and for the tourist, it's a destination place around Africa.

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Work visa types

Well, there are many criteria and types which the Djibouti embassy offers to foreign travelers and visitors. As its economic condition are not good, most are unemployed, so after conforming to your work permits then only go for the visa application. For living and working in Djibouti, these documents are needed to be submitted.

  • Firstly the e-visa
  • Residence details if permits
  • Work details of the foreigner if permits

If work permits, the applicant must verify for which visa they are eligible.

  • Single visa- its validity can be for 30 days/ 90 days, and only the applicant can live with this visa type.
  • Multiple visas- its validity is for two years, and multiple entries are possible according to this visa type.

Work Visa Requirements

Djibouti offering a visa policy to every country, but for the current situation, travelers must be cautious about the guidelines and precautions. For getting a work visa in Djibouti, the candidate must fulfill these Conditions.

  • Passport details with six months validation
  • The current color photo is required
  • Two blank pages must be there in the passport
  • Company employee details with pass history
  • A candidate must write a formal letter regarding the position request he/she has made.
  • The CV must be provided 
  • A long-stay application must be applied at the same time.

This condition is only applicable if the work permits and if Djibouti has agreed and hired you for the job; Otherwise, it's just a useless visa for the candidate.

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How to get hired at the Djibouti workplace?

It's not easy to get to the Djibouti workplace as there is a work crisis. For getting hired in Djibouti 

  1. The candidate should start communicating with other people who are already working in Djibouti 
  2. Having a good connection with people in Djibouti will have a change of recommendation
  3. Must give a valid reason for your job applications in Djibouti

After being eligible, an applicant must apply for a work visa as it take7 working days for its processing. For foreigners it's mandatory to submit another copy of their passport, residence proof, identity card and they must carry their visa all the time.

Employment Visa

The Djibouti embassy also provides employment visas. But this visa is only applicable for those who acquire corporate cards, professionals, skilled and qualified persons. Who is appointed by some reputed office in Djibouti can apply after getting an appointment letter, and the company contacts limited to that person is for five years Validation.

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Documents required are

  • Applicant must register with an NGO
  • Permanent residence proof of Djibouti
  • Request letter from the country's embassy where the applicant belongs
  • Passport details copy
  • A passport-sized photo with the applicant's signature is required
  • No criminal offense will be tolerated

Djibouti Visa

For a Djibouti visa, anyone can apply for the e-visa criteria. As it is easily available online. It requires basic requirements such as

  • Proper passport validation
  • Immigration certificate
  • Health certificate
  • Foreign minister approval letter
  • Color photo of the applicant
  • Address proof and identity proof is needed
  • Vaccination documents 

After all these documents verifications, the e-visa for Djibouti will be generated. Djibouti also provides the following type of visa

  • Business Type Visa- after work permits in Djibouti, this visa is only applicable for travelers and this requires five years of validation.
  • Tourist Type Visa- this visa is for all foreign travelers to Djibouti and its validation is for 30 days or 90 days; travelers go for their requirements.
  • Health Type Visa- this visa is only applicable after it's been approved by the Djibouti Embassy, only applicable for emergency cases.
  • Transit Type Visa -  as its validation is only for 72days. Only travelers for short work visits are applicable for this
  • Long-Term Type Visa – this visa is only given to the employee who has been hired by the Djibouti office for an agreed period.
  • Diplomatic Type Visa – this visa option is for only Djibouti government employees and staff.

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