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An exciting thing about Djibouti is, while it is located in Africa that most of the country speaks Arabic and French. Lake Assal is a crater lake renowned for black lava and water, while wildlife enthusiasts visit the Day Forest national park. For all ages and tastes, Djibouti has attractions. A volcano Ardoukoba consists of a salt lake, while in Ghoubbet-el-Kharab it is possible to see whales and sharks. You can visit seven Brothers Islands once, and you will certainly have a relaxing experience. There are also several mosques in Djibouti, bearing in mind the fact that a large part of the population practises Islam. If Austria citizens want to visit Djibouti they must have a Djibouti Visa for Austria Nationals. After you enter the country, you won't even be disappointed for a second, and you will likely keep returning. People in 2 countries do not need a visa, but if their country is eligible, they will need to contact their closest Djibouti Embassy or to select an e-visa through Tourist Visa Online.


  • Before applying for a new visa, you should have left a minimum of 6 months of passport validity.
  • You should have proper travelling information like mode of transport, date of journey etc.
  • You should have a hotel address where you will stay during the trip.
  • If you have been sponsored, then you should have the letter of invitation from the host or the organization.

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Visa for Tourism

The stunning architecture and natural marvel are also attractive for Djibouti to visitors. You must apply to get a tourist visa, which can be quickly done, whether you are someone going for the same or even to meet your relatives.

Visa for business

You would need a business visa to visit Djibouti for business purposes. This means visiting the country for tasks such as a conference, a seminar or a contract.

Visa for transit

A visa is given for a short stay for a foreigner or another person who wants to travel to a third place in the country.

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There are two types of Visa which anyone can apply for are :

For 30 days visa.

30 days of Visa is for single entry and with 90 days validity of Visa with stay validity for 30 days

and visa processing time takes a maximum of 5 days to 7 days.

3 days Visa

In these 3 days of Visa is for single entry and with 14 days of the validity period of Visa and with stay validity of 3 days. Our visa processing time takes a maximum time of 5 days to 7 days.

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Important Points to Remember about Djibouti EVisa

  • The Djibouti Tourist eVisa permits candidates Single Entry and empowers them to stay in the nation for as long as 90 days after the appearance, contingent upon the Visa allowed to the voyager. 
  • This eVisa can be given if the motivation behind the excursion is the travel industry, business, or travel. Different purposes, for example, work and study, require a customary visa acquired at government offices or departments. 
  • Upon appearance in Djibouti, you have to introduce your Visa alongside your printed Tourist eVisa. Voyagers must have a visa legitimate for in any event a half year from the date of appearance. 
  • The Djibouti Tourist eVisa is just accessible for voyagers who intend to enter the nation through the Ambouli International Airport. 
  • Ownership of the Djibouti Tourist eVisa doesn't give a programmed right of section into the nation. A movement official at the port of section may decline passage to any individual, on the off chance that they believe an individual to be not able to satisfy the migration prerequisites, or if the individual's quality in Djibouti would be in opposition to public interests or security.

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Q. What is the Djibouti Tourist eVisa? 

Ans. The Djibouti Tourist eVisa is a movement approval that permits holders to enter and remain in the Republic of Djibouti for a predefined period, without applying for a customary paper visa. 

Q. How long is the Djibouti Tourist eVisa substantial for? 

Ans. The Djibouti Tourist eVisa can be conceded for: 

  • A remain or travel of 1 - 14 days 
  • A short stay of 15 - 90 days 

The legitimacy of the Djibouti Tourist Visa begins the date you enter the Republic of Djibouti. Nonetheless, the legitimacy of the eVisa isn't equivalent to the permitted length of your remain. If it's not too much trouble realize that you can't remain for longer than what is expressed on your eVisa. On the off chance that you enter the nation after the date expressed on your eVisa, you will even now need to leave the country inside the date expressed on your eVisa. 

Q. Which nations are qualified for a Djibouti Tourist eVisa? 

Ans. Residents from every nation can apply for the Djibouti Tourist eVisa, as long as their purpose behind the movement is family, the travel industry or business. Singapore passport holder doesn't need a visa for entering Djibouti. 

Q. What is the essential Vaccination required to travel to Djibouti

Ans. Yellow Fever vaccine is required if you are planning to visit Djibouti.

Q. What do I have to introduce upon appearance in Djibouti if I have a citizenship of Austria? 

Ans. Upon appearance in Djibouti, you have to introduce your passport alongside your Djibouti Visa for Austria Nationals, which must be printed.

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