How do I get a visa for Djibouti

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Djibouti is a country in the Eastern region of Africa. To enter the country, everyone needs a valid passport and a visa for entry into the country. All the tourist from around the globe needs a valid passport and a visa to enter in the country. Some documents are required for the visa of the country, the visa policy of the country determines who will enter the country and who will not. 

Some countries don’t need a visa to enter the country, some countries are eligible for the E-visa to enter the country. All the other citizens from around the globe will be required to have a visa to enter the country. The visa should be approved by the African republic. The motive of travel or the number of days of travel doesn’t matter while traveling to Djibouti or to get the visa for the same. 

The government of Djibouti has made an initiative for the citizens who want to travel to Djibouti using the E-visa, they need to check the documents required. Applying for the E-visa is a very simple process, it can be done through an online application and it is a  very simple process. 

There are a series of documents required for the E-visa application. After the submission of these documents, there are fees of the visa that needed to be paid for the visa application. After that, the visa is given to the person. There are various types of visas available for the person traveling to Djibouti. There is a visa available for the person who is available who is traveling through the country it is called the “transit visa”, it is available for 3 days visa. The single stay visa is available for 31 days visa. 


Tourist visa policy for Djibouti 

There are around 240 nationalities that can travel to Djibouti using the visitor’s visa. The immigration policy of the country is simple all the citizens of these 240 nationalities can travel to Djibouti. 

There was a policy of the visa on arrival for the citizens around the world, using that tourist can travel to the country. The problem with the visa on arrival was that the people have to wait in line for long to get the visa of the country. In 2018, there was a plan that was initiated by the government of Djibouti that made the provision for the e-visa for the citizens who want travel to the country. This helped the tourist from all over the world from long queues and waiting for lines on the visa at the arrival station. 

The visa application form for Djibouti is very simple and easy and it can be filled online. The form will be filled in within few minutes and it is a very simple process to fill the form. Then after they will make the payment and the application number will be given to the tourist. In the application form, the person is being asked for some of the personal details and some of the passports that will include the passport number and the date of birth. After all, this payment will be done through a valid credit card or the debit card. 

After all, making the payment, the visa will be processed within few days and then the approved e-visa will be given to the tourist. The details of the passport will be sent to the tourist's current email address, after that the tourist is required to take the printout of the e-visa. Then after that, the hard copy of the printed copy of the e-visa is taken to the immigration office and the immigration officer will check for the same. The entry through the e-visa will only be done through the “Ambouli International Airport” the tourist must come with a valid passport and the complete visa application form or a printed copy of the visa. 


Documents required for the visa application of Djibouti 

Several documents are required for the visa application process of Djibouti:-

  • Valid passport 

The tourist must carry a valid passport, which has validity at least 6 months before entry into the country. 

  • At least 2 blank pages

The tourist must ensure that the valid passport must have at least 2 blank pages in the passport for the stamps of the country. 


  • Vaccination certificate 

The tourist must carry the vaccination certificate for yellow fever. 

  • Passport size photograph 

The tourist must carry a passport size photograph that should not be older than 6 months before the arrival in the country. 

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