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Ethiopia Transit Visa is helpful for people who don’t want to stay in Ethiopia for a long period. The Visa is available to almost everyone. Some people are also eligible for Ethiopia Transit Visa On Arrival. Are you someone who wants to apply for this Visa? Read this Article to know some useful information


  1. Do Transit Passengers Require Ethiopia Visa?
  2. Transit Services Provided by the Ethiopian Airlines
  3. How to get Ethiopian Transit Visa?
  4. For how many hours is Transit Visa Available?
  5. What are the other types of Visa?
  6. Ethiopia Transit Visa For Indians
  7. How To Apply For Ethiopia Transit Visa Online

Do Transit Passengers Require Ethiopia Visa?

If you are Transiting through Ethiopia then you don’t require the Ethiopia Visa. But, you need to stay in the Permitted Transit Area told by the Authorities. You are allowed to stay only for 12 Hours. So, if you are waiting for more then 12 hours or want to leave Airport then you need Ethiopia Transit Visa. Also, you are not allowed to pass the immigration desk. Visitors can get their Transit Visa via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. This is the only port through which Travelers are allowed to enter Ethiopia. Citizens of Kenya and Djibouti don’t need to apply for any kind of Visa. Kenya Citizens can stay in Ethiopia for 1 Year. On the other hand, Djibouti Citizens can stay only for 3 months.

Transit Services Provided By The Ethiopian Airlines

If your stopover is longer then 8 hours and both the Flights are with Ethiopian Airlines then you are eligible to get a free Hotel Package. This Package will be provided by the Airlines. Most Importantly, the package is completely free. The Package includes a free Hotel Room, Meals, and a Bus to the Hotel Room.

If you get this Package then you don’t need a Transit Visa. You can ask for the Package at the first check-in. Sometimes you might get it on the gate. For your second flight, the Authorities will stamp your hotel voucher or boarding pass.

For how many hours is Transit Visa Available?

The Transit Visa is available for 12 Hours,24 Hours,48 Hours, and 72 Hours. The fees of the Visa depends upon the duration of the Visa. So, for 12 Hours Visa the fee charged is £20.00 while for the 72 Hours Visa it is £48.00. You need to pay £32.00 for 24 Hours Visa and £40.00 for 48 Hours Visa.

How to get Transit Visa?

Visitors can apply for Ethiopia Transit Visa On Arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. They just need to fill an Ethiopia Visa Application Form. The Application Form is easy to fill. It will not take a lot of time. One needs to pay a certain fee to get the Visa. The Ethiopia Visa cost depends on the length of validity.

Other Types of Ethiopia Visa

Now, if you don’t want to apply Ethiopia Transit Visa you can apply for either Ethiopia Tourist Visa or Ethiopia Business Visa. Both of the Visas can be applied Online. With Tourist Visa one can visit Ethiopia for 30 or 90 Days. While with business Visa one can even stay for more than 90 Days. There are 9 Different types of Ethiopian Business Visas and each visa has different Validity. Certain People might even get Visa on Arrival. But, this is for Certain Nationalities only.

Ethiopia Transit Visa For Indians

Indian Citizens can apply for Ethiopia Transit Visa. They are eligible to apply for both Tourist Visa and Business Visa. Indian Citizens need the Following Documents to apply for any kind of Ethiopian Visa:

  • Photograph(Passport Size)
  • Passport with the Validity of 6 Months
  • Filled Online Application Form
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate and Polio Vaccine
  • Return Ticket

Indian Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) is also accepted in Ethiopia so, that’s a big add on. The Validity of the Ethiopian Visa starts from the Date of Arrival. Don’t count the Validity of the Visa from the Date of Issue.

How To Apply For Ethiopia Transit Visa Online

Applying for Visa online is always a Better Option. As then you don’t need to stand in Queues and also you are Relaxed as you have got your Visa. When you apply for the visa online through Government Website you will face many problems. As there is no one to guide you through the process. No Personalized Assistance would be provided by the Ethiopian Embassy or Government.

To get Visa Easily Visit Tourist Visa Online

Here, you will get 24x7 Customer Support. The Team will help you in Each Process. Tourist Visa Online will help you get your Desired Visa by filling easy forms. Each Document is Verified by the Team and then only it is processed Further. Tourist Visa Online Guarantees that you will get your Visa. Even you can track visa status online. We also provide visa in less than 48 hours. We have helped more than 2M+ people get their Visa. Through Tourist Visa Online you can apply for any kind of Ethiopian Visa.


1) Is there any Application Form for Transit Visa?

Ans:  Yes, one needs to fill an Application Form to get the Transit Visa. If you are applying Visa Online then you need to fill the form online. On the other hand, if you applying for Visa On Arrival then you need to fill the form at the Airport.

2) Can I get Transit Visa On Arrival?

Ans: Yes, the Ethiopian Government has allowed Citizens of Certain Countries for Visa On Arrival.

3) From which Airport can I Ethiopia Transit Visa?

Ans: One can apply for Ethiopia Transit Visa via Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa.

4) Can South African Nationals apply for Transit Visa?

Ans: Yes, South African Nationals can apply for Transit Visa. 

5) Are Nigerian Nationals eligible for Transit Visa?

Ans: Yes, Nigerian Nationals are eligible for Transit Visa.

6) How can I avail the Transit Services Provided By The Ethiopian Airlines?

Ans: To avail the Transit Services visit the Immigration Desk at the Airport. The Authorities available there will help you in all the Processes.

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