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Gabon Transit Visa is a type of Visa that you will require if you are transiting in Gabon and want to explore the nation in that short period of time. In this article, we have discussed all the details regarding the Gabon Transit Visa. So read and find out.

Procedure to Get Gabon Transit Visa

  1. An applicant begins by identifying the nearest home or neighboring country issuing agency. As mentioned above, the issuing agencies are foreign consulates and embassies, which can be found by visitors or can be visited by the applicant and searched by following instructions on the page.
  2. The applicant should be visited to see what is required to obtain a transit visa if the nearest issuing agency is identified,
  3. The applicant will then prepare all the necessary documents;
  4. Prescribe and fill in a precise visa request form from the issuing office;
  5. Make all payments required;
  6. Attaching to the filled-in application form all required documents prepared in 3 above and the slip of payment;
  7. Accordingly, the issuing office submits its application;
  8. Wait for the processing of the Visa.


Required Documents For Gabon Transit Visa

1.Passport valid

2.Tickets to the third destination and Visa

3.Copy of the route of the flight

4.Pictures of recent passport

5.Slips for payment

6.Certificate of medical clearance

Eligibility for Gabon Transit Visa

A person intending to transfer to a third destination via a port in Gabon

Validity Period of Transit Visa to Gabon

Visa valid for up to 3 (3) days

Instructions You Must Know Before Applying Transit Visa

  1. An applicant shall ensure its passport is valid;
  2. The applicant must renew a passport prior to the application if a passport has expired or has no blank page; 
  3. The Visa will only be granted to third-country applicants;
  4. The applicant must obtain tickets and visas for transit to Gabon before applying for a transit visa;
  5. The applicant shall not exceed the validity of the Visa; 
  6. Any type of enterprise or paid activities cannot qualify as a transit visa;
  7. Entering foreigners by designated entry points is advised;
  8. When you enter the country, applicants must not carry prohibited materials;
  9. Applicants are argued that they will have sufficient funds to cover the transit route.
  10. To obtain the documents proving a parental responsibility or to grant permission to travel with children;
  11. The laws, rules, and regulations of the immigration department and the country as a whole must be familiar to the applicants;
  12. The entry is controlled by the immigration office of Gabon, and entry into the country is definitely not allowed.
  13. A visa agency (if available) can be contacted to assist in processing visa applications.


Neccessity of Documents

An alien who wishes to travel across Gabon to a third destination is issued a transit visa for Gabon. The Visa is issued by a department of immigration through authorized agencies comprising Gabon consulates/embassies / high commissions abroad.

Other Essential Information

  • The applicant shall forward the applicant to the authorized agency for issuing visas (embassy/consulate) if the applicant uses a visa officer;
  • During working days, visas are processed. Weeks, holidays, and regular days when visa travel and counting days begin on the day after documents are submitted are not counted for a particular consulate closure;

Document/Certificate Uses

  • The nation earns income;
  • A transit visa foreigner can cross the country without hindrance to the desired destination;
  • The three countries concerned (from, transit, and to) establish a relationship.

Places You Can See in Gabon During Transit 

Loango National Park

Make sure you have a visit to Loango National Park, which is the most popular park in the system of 13 national parks, to experience the best safari in Africa. Watch in this fabulous park the magnificent lush green countryside and the stunning wildlife. This extensive national park spans about 200 kilometers across the coast and is renowned for the unusual, totally wild coastal regions.

The lakes, savannas, parks, and wetlands can all be enjoyed. Don't miss watching great hippos, elephants, buffalos, dolphins, gorillas, and whales. Loango National Park is known for being one of the rare areas in this world, which offers access to the sea for these wild animals. The park is structured to fish and release aquatic species such as red, sharks, barracudas, and other wonderful fish as part of a "catch and release fishing programme."

Makokou and Kongou Falls

Makokou is well-known as the capital of Ogooué-Ivindo and is even more famous as a gateway to the Kongou cascades, Gabon's must-visit. This waterfall drop of 60 meters is a wonderful spot. These drops also carry the local residents' spiritual meaning. Makokou is a pygmy village in the nearby village.

Fernan Vaz Lagoon

In the magnificent Ogooué Maritime Zone of Gabon, the hotspot is Fernan Vaz Lagoon. This region engages in a variety of environmental initiatives. Here on Gorilla Island, you can find refuge and gorillas. Here you can find the glorious mission of St. Anne, famously built in the 19th century. This church is rusty in red, which makes it look lovely for tourists. Look out for excellent views over the woods and beaches on the area near the lagoon of Fernan Vaz.

So these are all the details regarding the Gabon Transit Visa that you must know about. So next time when you transit through Gabon, take a Gabon Transit Visa and explore the beauty of the nation in a short period.

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