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There are a few numbers of countries that came under the policy of Gabon visa free countries. Going to Gabon for your next destination will not be such a bad idea if you have all of the required documents and the way you want to apply the visa ready! This, however, is needed only for some while the others can enjoy a free visit. This means all of the Gabon visa-free countries that have agreed to visa waiver conditions can go to Gabon without a visa. But this might not mean that you can stay for as much as you want in a foreign place. Stick close for more information on the visa-free countries and why it has been a boon for these country’s nationals.


Q. Which countries are those that need not take a visa before going to Gabon?

Starting with this basic question, the main thing is who all would actually need a visa to go to Gabon. So the list of the countries whose nationals are free to go to Gabon can be given as follows:

Visa free countries for Gabon
Cameroon The central African Republic Republic of Congo Chad Equatorial Guinea Mauritius
Morocco South Africa Tunisia      

All of the above-mentioned country’s nationals need not take a visa to go to Gabon. 

Q. Will all of the above-mentioned country’s nationals get to stay in Gabon for an unlimited period of time? 

No, it is not possible to stay in the country for as long as you want. Even though the entry might be free it does not mean that a free stay of the unlimited period will be accepted. This means that each and every country will have a set period of time within which they can stay free of visa in a country. 

Q. What is the period of stay allowed for those who belong to the visa-free countries?

For those who belong to a visa-free country, the stay is limited only up to 90 days which means a period of 3 months. After this period the foreign national is entitled to leave the country.

Q. Does that mean all of the above-mentioned country’s nationals can stay for 90 days without a visa?

Out of the eight countries that have been listed only about six countries can stay in Gabon without a visa for 90 days.

Q. What about the other two countries from the list?

The other two countries that are Morocco and South Africa, the people who belong to these countries can stay for 30 days in Gabon. 

Q. What if the time period of the stay is up?

Once the time period of the stay is up you will have to leave the country. The re-entry will only be allowed once you finish the 30 days interval between each visit. Without this, re-entry will not be accepted. 

Q. What if I belong to one of the visa-free countries and wish to stay longer in Gabon will the extension of the stay be possible?

An extension of the stay is possible for those that hold a visa. But as you are a part of the visa-free countries you will have to send in a letter which specifies the reason for the extension of your stay to an embassy or an immigration department which is nearby your place. If the office officials find it an important reason to stay in the country then an extension will be allowed.

Q. Are those that have been mentioned above the only people who can go to Gabon without a visa?

No there are provisions which have been made for those that hold a diplomatic, official or service passport. These nationals can also go to Gabon without a visa. The countries whose nationals can do so can be given as follows:

Visa free countries for Gabon that hold Diplomatic passport
Benin Brazil Burkina Faso China Cote d’Ivoire Cuba
Djibouti Egypt France Guinea Israel Mali
Russia Senegal South Korea      

All of the above-mentioned country’s nationals who are holders of the passport can get a visa-free visit, provided they submit the documents which will support the visa-free requirements. Also, those that belong to Germany and turkey can also go to Gabon without a visa but for these nationals to go to Gabon, they will have to be holders of only a diplomatic passport.

Q. Will there be documents that will have to be submitted to prove the travel to Gabon?

All you need is a passport which states that you belong to a particular country. Apart from this as you need not have a visa you will also need not get any other documents. 

Also, recently that is on the 25th of September 2018, the visa exemption was agreed between both Togo and Gabon. This has however not yet been put into effect. Now that you have all the details that you need about the Gabon visa-free countries, you can easily go to Gabon without a visa if you are from any of the above-stated ones and if not you can go ahead and apply for one!

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