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Visa-free travel to Gabon is not something that all can enjoy. Well, don’t you worry if you have to take a visa, you can still work it out without having to sweat too much? While you cannot access the visa-free service you might be entitled to get a Gabon visa on arrival. This, as it seems, might not be that difficult once you get to know how to handle all of the processing and the application method! Let’s see how you can tackle this down!


Q. What is a visa on arrival?

The name itself suggests that this visa is obtained once you arrive at the respective airports. This means that you cannot get a hold of it before you plan your travel. So all you need to do in this type of visa is to go to the airport and get one for yourself.

Q. How is the visa issued to the foreigners?

This question is one that most of the tourists have in their minds. The visa as it gets processed in a day itself will leave you puzzled about the processing. However, you need not worry about the process of issuing a visa as it is the responsibility of the official at the immigration department. 

Q. which are the countries that are eligible to avail of this service?

This service can be made available by all of the individuals who belong to the following countries:

Gabon visa on arrival countries
All European Union citizens Australia Argentina Bahrain Brazil Canada
China India Indonesia Japan Kuwait Mexico
Oman Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia South Africa South Korea
Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States    

All of the above-mentioned countries are those whose nationals can get a visa once they arrive at any of the airports located in Gabon.

Q. Are there any conditions that need to be followed while having a visa on arrival?

Yes, there needs to be followed a set of conditions that you must follow in order to be eligible to get this visa facility. The conditions can be given as follows:

  • Firstly you need to make sure you are a part of the list of countries that have been specified.
  • Next, you must have a valid passport without which any travel will be considered as an invalid travel
  • Must have all of the required documents which may include the birth certificate, marriage certificate or any other document which might be specified under your country’s required documents list
  • Must take a travel authorization letter before traveling to Gabon. Without this travel authorization letter, you might not be able to enter Gabon.

Q. What is the travel authorization letter?

This is a letter that must be taken by all of the individuals before they can avail of the visa on arrival service. This travel authorization letter is given by the immigration depart and to apply for this you will have to send in all of the details before you travel to Gabon. Once you put in the request for this letter, you will be issued this letter provided that they verify all of the documents you provide. Once you get this letter all you need to do is travel to your destination and show this letter at the immigration port at the international airport. This will give you an entry into Gabon after which you can apply for a visa.

Q. Is there only one visa that a person can avail of once they reach Gabon?

If you reach Gabon and are going to apply for a visa on arrival then you can not only apply for one visa but you will have four visa options to choose from. You can check the details by checking out the types of Gabon visas, which will give detailed information about the visas.

Q. What is the time required to get this visa once applied at the airport counter?

Once you apply for the Gabon visa at the airport counter, you will probably have to wait for at least four to five hours for your documents to get processed. This means the processing of documents alone will take about so much time. After this comes to the verification step which will take more two to three hours. All in all, you can hold a time limit of about 8 hours to get your visa issued to you once you apply after you travel to Gabon.

Q. Are there possibilities that I can get the visa faster than the mentioned time?

Yes, in cases of emergencies, the visas are processed faster which means you can get them in about two hours of the application but the reason must be a valid one to get this service.

With this, it is sure that you have understood the entire Gabon visa on arrival related information. All you need to do is carry the documents and apply for one once you reach the airport.

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