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If you are planning to apply for Gabon visa then you need to get ready with your documents as documents play a very important role in your visa approval. You know what comes along with the application! You’ve guessed it right! It’s the requirements. The Gabon visa requirements list is something you will have to take a note of before you start applying for a visa. This article will surely help you with all of the requirements you need. Also, you need not worry about which type of visa you need, you will find all of the requirements necessary stated clearly in this article!


Q. What role do the requirements have while applying for a visa?

Role of the requirements while applying for a visa cannot actually be described by words. Without these the completion of the process is impossible. You need the necessary documents all attached along with the application form of the visa if you want to ensure a safe and secure application of the visa. 

Q. What are the general document requirements that a person must have for applying for any of the visas?

For applying any type of visa a list of documents is necessary. The general list can be given as follows:

  • A passport of the foreigner which is still in validity and has at least six months remaining for the validity to expire.
  • An application form that has to be filled in with the details asked especially those with the asterisk mark.
  • Passport sized pictures which have been recently taken and must not be of more than six months ago. This image must also follow the standard passport size image measurement.
  • A copy of the identity card claiming which country you belong to. 
  • A copy of the flight tickets of the flight which will be taken to Gabon and are booked and confirmed.
  • A copy of the hotel reservation done by the foreigner in Gabon. 
  • A yellow fever vaccination form which will be required for some of the listed countries.

Apart from all of the above-listed documents there are some other documents that will be required based on the visa types. 

Q. What are the documents which are required for a Gabon tourist visa?

Apart from those which have already been mentioned, you will have to prepare the following documents:

  • For a tourist visa that has been sponsored, there must be a letter from your friend or the family member living in Gabon which has to be submitted in order to get the visa. If the tourist visa has not been sponsored the letter is not needed to be attached.
  • A copy of the travel itinerary must be submitted with the application form

Q. What are the documents needed by a foreigner to apply for a Gabon business visa?

For a foreigner to apply for a business visa apart from those that have been mentioned, the following must be attached:

  • A letter from the company stating the purpose of visit and the duration which will be needed for the foreigner to stay in Gabon. 
  • A statement of the finances to show that they are capable of managing themselves in a foreign country.

Q. What are the requirements that a person needs to fulfill in order to get a visa on arrival?

The requirements you need would be the same as those for the type that you want. If you are applying for a tourist visa on arrival then the documents will the same as provided for the Gabon tourist visa, all you need to do is take all of the documents along with you for the application at the airport. While the same will apply for a business visa once you arrive at the airport. 

Q. What is the application process for the visa if I want to apply for a visa online?

The application process is only made of 6 steps and can be easily followed as well. The details of this process can be read out by checking the Gabon visa application article where you will get detailed information on the same. 

Q. What are the other ways to apply other than the online applications?

You can use visa on arrival or even an embassy to get your visa processed. The conditions will remain almost the same however while applying through the embassy you might have to check out it more documents are required.

Q. Are arms and ammunitions allowed inside Gabon?

If you are planning to transport arms and ammunition inside Gabon then you will have to get an import permit. This import permit is given by the home ministry located in Libreville. To get this issued to you, you must submit a letter requesting for the same at least three months prior to the planned trip.

Now that you have gained information about the Gabon visa requirements all you need to do is set all of the documents and then leave the rest up to the officials.

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