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It borders Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, and the Gulf of Guinea on the Western Coast of Central Africa. In this article, we have talked about the topic Is Gabon safe to visit. So read and find all the details.

Crime Warnings in Gabon

During peak holidays in Gabon, crime increases dramatically (May to September). Urban congestion is particularly harmful at night, but incidents can occur during the daytime. On the streets in Libreville and Port Gentil, armed robberies, meager theft, and violent crime happen.

Avoid showing signs of wealth by wearing expensive clothing or jewels in order to reduce the likelihood of being hit or rubbed. Stay out of sight at all times of your phones, cameras, and wallets, and keep your items of value safe at a lock.

Some hotels have security measures, but not every hotel is the same. Ask whether you have 24-hour security guards, door locks, and safes in your accommodation in every room before booking.

Safety of Road in Gabon

One of the biggest dangers in Gabon is road accidents. If you drive here, use extreme caution as drivers are famous for excessive speed and sensitive behavior. Other road hazards are low lighting, unlawful traffic signals, road-walking pedestrians, cattle and other animals, heavy-duty trucks, drunken drivers, poorly maintained roads, and erratic taxis that stop passengers.

  • Bear in mind that a 4-wheel drive vehicle is needed beyond the city limits once you leave the main roads of Libreville. In general, the structural integrity of roads across Gabon is poor.
  • Keep your doors locked, seat belts secured, and windows secured.
  • Do not roll down the window when someone comes close to your car.
  • Don't stop seeing stones or logs in the middle of the street – this is an African-wide technique for theft robbers. Drive around or turn around the obstacles.
  • Keep items out of sight at all times, especially when parked.
  • Park in lit areas only, ideally in car parks where safety guards are located.

Political Issues in Gabon

Gabon's democracy is relatively peaceful. Most political violence takes place during electoral campaigns, but problems are usually relatively quickly controlled. The most critical issue in Gabon is the trade-in of drugs and ivory, as well as human trafficking.

Libreville has had rolling electricity and water scarcity blackouts. The aging infrastructure sometimes has failed with old equipment and periodic maintenance. Sometimes strikes happen when workers protest to meet their demands.

After a coup attack against President Ali Bongo in January 2019, the Internet was blacked down. The government quickly regained control and said that after a series of arrests, the situation was under control.

Terrorism Issues in Gabon

No recent terror events in Gabon have occurred, but no possibility can be excluded entirely. Stay up-to-date on local news and media when travelling to learn about possible political violence or civil unrest.

Note that the Gabonese frontiers can be used as a possible terrorist corridor to travel from and to Congo or Cameroon easily.

Civil Unrest

While civil disorder in Gabon is not common, public protests, demonstrations, and strikes in response to ongoing labor disputes are relatively common.

Travelers should stay away from protests, especially in Gabon, where police use force and tear gas in the past to disturb events. Police do not differentiate between innocent people and protesters, and visitors are concerned that there can be collateral.

Environmental Problems

Torrential droppings may damage the villages and bridges during the summer. Every year Gabon has two rainy seasons, one between March and May and the other from September through November.

In recent years, there have been no natural dangers. Gabon has no earthquakes or volcanic activities to threaten it.

Transportation Safety in Gabon

Be aware of bush taxis and mini buses, often in disrepair and transporting too many passengers, which are concerned about security standards. A number of severe and fatal accidents with these taxis occur each year.

Taxis are the safest way to travel in Gabon. You can either rent an entire taxi or collect a shared taxi (for an additional cost).

Drugs Issues in Gabon

Gabon is home to drugs, in particular marijuana. The possession or use of drugs is illegal, and the punishment will lead to a lengthy prison term.

Police Help in Gabon

The Gabon-wide police establish roadblocks and control points. You always have to follow the local police instructions. In most cases, you will be released once your travel documents have been inspected. Police or the military may ask for bribes, and you should not pay those bribes in the form of 'coca-cola cash.'

The police should be your first point of contact if there is an emergency. Be aware that the policing reaction can be slow and rarely open investigations. In Gabon, preventing a crime is much better than combating it.

  • Dial 1730 for police in Gabon
  • Dial 18 for a fire emergency

Medical Safety in Gabon

There aren't excellent medical facilities. There are several hospitals in Libreville. In the event of an emergency, contact the travel insurance provider for the best advice.

LGBTQ Safety Rule in Gabon

The United Nations declaration on sexual orientation and sexual identity for the decriminalization of homosexuality was signed in 2008 by Gabon. Although homosexuality in Gabon is not (and never was) illegal, be aware that many local people do not accept it. Unfortunately, there are no discriminatory laws in place to protect LGBTQ travelers or local people. Be discreet with your sexual orientation to be on the safe side.

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