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It is always about options in life! Well, if you didn’t have then you’d probably wouldn’t really like the way things would work out now, do you? Similarly, just the way you like options given out in life here are the options you might want to take a look at before deciding on the travel plans. There are these various types of Gabon visas allowed by the government of Gabon for all the foreigners to enter based on their purpose of visits and taking a look at these types will definitely help you decide the one you want to get before you go on your trip. 

Well, let’s see why these many options have been made available in Gabon! One of the main reasons was the growing tourism industry in Gabon. Well, even now as the article is being written, there are a lot of people out there who do not know about Gabon. It has recently been found out that Gabon has not only wide tourism industries but also great business opportunities and this has surely helped a lot of people to get various jobs while also enjoying themselves in the beautiful scenery available in Gabon. What makes it so special in Gabon? Well, tourism might have been underdeveloped but still, a lot of people do check out the beaches, the beautiful oceans all surrounding the country of Gabon, and the fishing facilities that it provides. Well, it does not end there one can also find hunting which has been legalized in some of the areas here in Gabon. Apart from this, the people do lookout for the famous hospital in Gabon which is named under Dr. Albert Schweitzer and is located in Lambarene. This has surely attracted a lot of tourists for their health care purposes! Isn’t that a whole list of itineraries lying out there? So to match them here is the list of visas that you were anticipating for!

1. Gabon Tourist visa:

A tourist visa to Gabon is issued to those people who will be going to Gabon on a tour or as tourists. This visa will have two options being made available for the people and the two options can be listed down as follows:

A. 30 days tourist visa to Gabon:

This visa as it mentions is a visa that will be valid for 30 days. Apart from the staying validity which is 30 days the visa will only be valid for a total of one month. This means that you will have to enter within that one month period and then stay for another 30 days till your visa expires. The standard processing time for this visa will be for 72 hours. This visa will only allow the people to have a single entry into the country which implies that the visa cannot be used twice for an entry into Gabon.

B. 60 days tourist visa to Gabon:

People who wish to have a long stay which is more than about 30 days can get hold of this visa. The visa has the same specification as those mentioned above. The only difference that can be found here is that the visa will be available that the visa will be valid for 60 days and the stay period will be for 60 days as well. 

These two options can be accessed by the people who want to go to Gabon and take an entry as tourists.

2. Gabon Business visa:

This visa as it mentions is only for business purposes. This means that a person who wishes to spread their business to various parts of Gabon can enter the country on this visa. This visa allows two options as those seen in the tourist visa. It is to be noted that unlike the tourist visa options which had two different periods of stay, here there will be the same amount of staying period and it will only be the validity period that changes. The visa hence will be valid for 90 days of stay after entry. This means that two options will be based on the difference in the entry made by the visa. The two options can be given as follows:

A. single entry business visa:

This visa is a single entry one and as mentioned will have 90 days of stay validity. This visa will also be valid only for 90 days from its issuing date. This single entry visa can only be used once and a second-time use of the same visa will make it an invalid entry.

B. multiple-entry business visas:

As the name suggests this visa will allow multiple entries into the country. This visa will have a validity of 180 days apart from the validity of the stay period. This visa can be used multiple times to enter Gabon. It is to be noted that after the 180 days time period you will either have to extend the visa or will have to renew it.

These visas that have been mentioned above will have a processing time required of up to 72 hours. 

3. Gabon Visa on arrival:

This visa is acquired by those people who will be arriving at the airport and then applying for a visa. This visa will also allow a stay of 90 days time period. But it is to be noted that none of the citizens will get this visa if they do not hold a travel authorization letter which has to be issued before they arrive at the airport. You can also take a look at the visa policy of Gabon to get a more clear idea about this visa!

4. Gabon Transit visa:

While the transit here in Gabon will be free for some specified countries the other will have to apply for one if they wish to transit through Gabon. This visa will allow a stay for up to 24 hours in the country. While the others whose names have been already mentioned need not take a transit visa. 

The tourist and business visa types can easily be applied through online portals. You can also apply for them through tourist Visa Online!


Q. Is a travel authorization letter necessary for all those who travel to Gabon?

Well, a travel authorization letter only becomes necessary for those who will be taking a Gabon visa on arrival. While for those people who will not require a visa to travel to Gabon, need not get this letter.

Q. How many types of visas can foreigner access to go to Gabon?

As per the list of various types of Gabon visas, a foreigner can easily access about 4 types of visas that have been made available!

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