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With the dramatic valleys and lush green landscapes, Georgia (country) is the perfect heaven for the travelers around the world. The country’s rich culture and heritage attracts millions of tourists every year, and hence, making it the most visited country in the South Caucasus. With the introduction of technology, applying for a visa has been made a lot easier. You will find the details about the documents required for Georgia visa in this article.

Visiting this country would be a paradise, especially for the history and architecture lovers. You will find everything ranging from the historic era as well as the modern era magnificent in this beautiful country.


There are certain visa requirements for Georgia. To know more about them, let us discuss them according to their types:


These visas are granted solely for the purpose of tourism. The people who want to travel to this country and stay for a short period of tie can avail this. One cannot work, or carry out any kind of business activity using this visa. The requirements for the same are:


A passport is an identification document that is issued by the government of one’s home country. It is needed while traveling abroad and is one of the most important documents. The passport that you submit must meet these criteria:

  • It should not expire within six months since you are traveling.
  • It should be in good condition, meaning, it should not be torn or damaged.
  • It should contain two blank pages for stamping purposes.
  • The passport should also be genuine and original


This is needed for the identification process. The photograph must be clicked following the specifications of the passport sized photographs, which are:

  • The applicant’s face should cover 80% of the picture frame.
  • It must be of the proper size and dimension.
  • Two copies of them are needed to be submitted.
  • The photograph should have a matte finish.
  • It should have been clicked recently, at least within six months.
  • The applicant must not wear any kind of glasses while clicking the photograph.
  • The ears must be clearly visible, and the hair should be tied up to make the face clearly visible.
  • Any kind of headgear must be worn, until and unless it is worn for religious purposes.
  • The applicant must stay conscious and not show his/her teeth.


The air ticket proof is needed to show that you will return back to your home country once your visa expires. It should be confirmed for a round trip.

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This is the old passport which has expired or currently stamped. This is needed for the authorities to see the applicant’s travel history. It is not a compulsory document though. If AN applicant possesses an old passport, they must submit it along the new one. The old passport must be in good condition and not damaged.


This is a document that is kept which shows the amount of money a traveler has if some injury or accident happens while staying in a foreign country. The travel insurance should meet these criteria:

  • It must be circulated from an authorized insurance company.
  • It would be better if the insurance is valid for a period for 3-10 months before arrival into the home country.
  • It must cover the details about the whole trip.
  • The details of the applicant must also be mentioned in it, as per the passport of him/her.


The cover letter must contain the details about the applicant’s travel itinerary, information, and the purpose for visit. It should be made following these criteria:

  • It should contain the proof of accommodation of the applicant.
  • It must also mention the person who is to bear the expenses while in the country.
  • It should also specify the relationship of the applicant with his/her companion/s.
  • The travel dates as per the itinerary must be mentioned in the letter.
  • The details as per the passport of the applicant must also be mentioned in the letter.


This statement is issued from the bank which shows whether you will be able to handle yourself financially or not. The mandatory bank statement must meet these criteria:

  • The authentic seal and signature of the bank must be present in the statement.
  • The statement must contain details about the savings account and should be original.
  • Healthy amount of balance in the account must be visible.

If the bank statement does not contain enough funds, the visa application may get rejected due to financial means.


This is a document that contains the record of the tax that has been paid to the government. The income tax returns must be specified for a period of at least three years. This should be provided with enough documentary proofs to show that the amount had been paid.

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A Georgia work visa is granted to someone who wants to pursue work in the country. The requirements for that purpose include all the above mentioned documents. Additionally, there are several other documentation that are needed, they are:

  •         Evidence of the occupation. This can be provided through the employment letter offered by the company.
  •         Accommodation details. 

There are certain other documents that you will have to provide in order to get the visa. This depends upon the type of employment that you have.

For employed people

  •         The employment contract given by the company.
  •         The bank account statement of at least the last six months.
  •         Letter of leave from the employer
  •         ITR

For self-employed people

  •         The company registration proof.
  •         The bank account statement of the company for the last six months.
  •         ITR

For students

  •         The documents related to the college/university.
  •         A NOC from the management of the institute.

For retired people

  •         The pension documents for the past six months.

For unemployed people

  •         Proof of financial records is needed.
  •         In case the person is unable to handle himself/herself financially, a proof of a sponsor is needed.

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Q. Do I need a visa to Georgia?

As long as you do not belong to one of the Georgia visa-free countries, you will not need a visa to visit this country. All other nationals are required to apply for a visa.

Q. What is the visa fee?

The Georgia visa price is $40 for the 30 days tourist visa, and $45 for the 90 days tourist visa. 

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