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Being one of the finest tourist destinations, India attracts millions of foreigners every year. India also has a highly modified visa policy & various types of visa facilities. But India also tops the charts, especially when it comes to street foods. Yes! India is worldwide famous for its amazing diversity in taste and flavours of the street foods that will make you drool all over it. Each state of this country has its own tradition and own food speciality. And guess what? These simple yet exotic flavoured street foods are also famous for their easy accessibility all over the country. 

So India is literally the dream destination for the foodies all over the world. Now let's have a specific idea about the top 20 most yummy & best street foods in India. 

1. Aloo Tikki: Aloo Tikki is one of the most famous and delicious foods all over India. Smashed boiled potatoes mix up with various spices and they get fried and give an amazing texture of hot and crispiness. These tikkis can make anyone drooling with its magic of spicy flavours. It's especially famous in Uttarpradesh and Lucknow. 

2. Phuchka: These tiny little bombs of flavours for Bengal, are also known as Gol Gappa and Pani Puri all over India. Phuchkas literally give your taste buds heavenly refreshments with its minty, tangy, spicy cool flavours with the coriander water and tamarind paste. They are actually the best solution for anyone's random mood swings and mostly women are literally madly in love with this street food. 

3. Vada Pav: This authentic Marathi dish is really famous especially in Mumbai. Basically it's an Indian style burger and with its spicy chilli flavours, it almost heats up your tummy. Usually, it gets served with various types of chutneys like curd or coriander or pudina and many more which makes it even more delicious. So, if you are visiting Mumbai, you just can't miss this street food! 

4. Kathi Roll: This is one of the yummiest and tastiest street foods in India, mostly in Kolkata, West Bengal. This roll actually has two layers, the outer one is made up of flour yet really soft and tasty, and inside it filled up with yummy veggies me mixed up with various types of sauces and spices and kebabs which add a touch of royalty. It feels so heavenly when you get the taste all at once. 


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5. Daulat ki chaat: This delicious sweet dish always gives your taste buds a light touch of royalty and tradition. The texture of the chaat gives a creamy milky touch. It needs to be made with perfect care, as there's a specific time to separate the delicate froth to make the yummiest foam in it. Then saffron, cardamom powder, various nuts, khoya and kheer are added to make It even more delicious. Just the way it smoothly melts in your mouth makes you craving for this sweetness more and more. 

6. Misal Pav: Misal Pav is a really popular and delicious dish from Mumbai, along with Maharashtra state. It is a mixture of misal and pav that gives your taste buds an amazing blast of flavours. The dish lastly gets decorated with farsan or sev, onions, lemon and coriander on the top of it. It usually gets 

7. Akki Rotti: Akki roti is one of the most unique and famous street foods that happen to be this rice-based breakfast item of the state of Karnataka. The basic down to earth meaning of akki rotti is "rice bread" in the native Kannada language. It is made of rice flour which is mixed with salt and water and mixed well till the dough gets soft. These rice flour flatbreads are mainly served as breakfast or a meal with many types of chutneys but with coconut chutney, it tastes more delicious. 

8. Kanchi Vada: Kanji Vada is a special digestive drink that is especially very much popular in Northern India. Kanji is basically not always made with Black Carrots. Sometimes it is made with Red Mustard Seeds Powder. It is also great in served with bread with butter and buttermilk or curd and papad and tangy chutneys. 

9. Momo: One of the most famous and delicious foods in Delhi that's famous throughout India. It can be found in every kind of shop from restaurants to street vendors as it is extremely popular among all the Indians. The main basic ingredients include White-flour-and-water to make the dough; then meat, vegetable or cheese are used to make the yummiest filling and get served along with tomato and sesame chutney dip, tomato soup, soybean and sesame soup which makes it more tasty and refreshing. 


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10. Dabeli: taste and good for digestion. To top up the taste of Kaanji, moong dal vadas are also added, which makes it more tasty. 

11. Litti Chokha: Another super famous street food is Litti served as a meal along with chokha. Actually it is one of the most famous meals of Bihar. It is also popular in Jharkhand and parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Litti is the stuffed whole wheat dough ball and Chokha is mashed relish. Chokha is served with litti. Chokha can be made with roasted brinjal, boiled or roasted potatoes and roasted tomatoes. 

12. Kutchi dabeli: Dabeli or double roti is a popular snack food of India and is basically originated from the Kutch or Kachchh region of Gujarat. Kachhi dabeli is a spicy snack prepared from pav and dabeli stuffing. The stuffing is prepared by mixing boiled mashed potatoes and with other Indian spices. These stuffings are then placed in between the pav with green chutney, imli chutney and red garlic chutney. Undoubtedly this yummy-tasty dish will make you want for more. 

13. Poha Jalebi: Poha Jalebi is one of the most famous and yummiest foods of Madhya Pradesh. Breakfast in Bhopal and Indore is almost incomplete without it. It contains cooked Poha that's flattened rice mixed with cooked veggies and is served along with a unique combination of sweetness that is Jalebi, so that's why it's called Poha-Jalebi. This dish actually gives you a taste of the state that you just can't miss. 

14. Ghugni Chaat: So have you ever been in Kolkata, West Bengal? Then you just can't miss the famous ghugni chaat! Firstly the boiled yellow peas or matar dal gets cooked, then it gets tossed with lemon juice or tamarind paste mixed water with spices. This dish is really easy to make with no calories, so it can give a boost to your diet. And you can find vendors selling ghugni chaat anywhere and everywhere in Bengal. 

15. Idli Sambhar: Visiting South India soon? Especially Chennai? Hey wait!! You just can't miss the famous idli sambhar. Basically, it's a healthy and tasty combination of idli and sambhar. Idli is actually made with a mixture of fermented rice and black gram batter which is steamed in moulds. And sambar is a vegetable curry that is served along with it. In the streets, you can have it anywhere, so just treat your mind and taste buds with this amazingly delicious dish. You just can't ever get enough of it because you will never get bored eating this famous street food. 

16. Paddu: Another famous South Indian food, Paddu is also known as ponganalu or appe. These tiny balls are just full of taste and flavours. Paddu is basically 

17. Bhelpuri: Looking for something light yet spicy street food? Well, why don't you just try some bhelpuri? It's literally a paradise for people on a diet because, with bhelpuri, you don't have to worry about gaining extra calories, unlike other street foods. Mainly it's prepared with puffed rice , finely chopped onion, tomatoes, chutneys and various types of tangy salty spices and even small slices of coconuts as well. This can really boost up both your mood and belly. the small and cute version of Dosa, with a yummy filling. And trust me! You must have to try it once and it will get you drooling. One can find this snack anywhere in the South. 

18. Bikaneri Kachori: This famous Rajasthani street food, especially originated from Bikaner, so it's named after that. This is literally a blast of flavours where the Kachori gets filled up with hot gravy, chutneys, curd, some little fries and full of spices. If you are in Rajasthan, just never leave a chance to taste it because undoubtedly it will give your taste buds an amazing refreshment. 

19. Mirchi Bajji: Straight from the land of Daawat-e-Ishq, Hyderabad, Mirchi Bajji is really one of the super-hot dishes of India. You have to have a brave heart to taste it because it literally has the power to make you go all sweaty and crybaby with just one bite. Actually Mirchi bajji is stuffed green chillies, served with tangy spicy chutneys and lemon. If you are going to try this, please be ready with a glass of water and something sweet! 

20. Egg Roll: Egg rolls are another super famous street food. This mouth-watering dish can make anyone hungry and drooling over with its one glimpse. A tasty fried paratha, wrapped with fried egg from inside and that also filled with finely chopped veggies like onions, carrots, cucumbers and many types of sauces, literally dipping. You can get it anywhere in streets, small stalls and even restaurants. 

21. Lassi: India's most famous, traditional and yummiest milk and yoghurt-based drink is lassi. It can be of various types like namkeen lassi, creamy lassi, mango lassi, bhang lassi and so on. Lassi is actually made up with blended yoghurt, cream, ice, various spices, water and even fruits. Saffron, rose water makes its flavour even more delicious. Especially in summer, this minty, fruity, creamy cool drink helps everyone to forget all the stress and tiredness and gives an amazing refreshment. 

Conclusion: These are the best street foods among the whole of India. But not only these, here you can find plenty of yummiest and tastiest street foods that will make you drooling all over it. So what are you waiting for? Get your India visa and fly over to India. For any visa or service related queries you can contact: or you can comment below as well. 

Have a great stay in India! 

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