oci card vs indian tourist visa a comparative study with full of information

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Being one of the most developing countries and being the centre of the mesmerizing beauty of mother nature and heritages cultures, India has a high demand of tourists in foreign. All foreigners need a visa to enter in India. But you must note one thing that a tourist visa is only for the foreigners with the non-Indian origin and the people with Indian origin but living outside of the country can use special entry permission that is OCI card (Overseas Citizenship in India). There are some basic differences between these two terms Indian Tourist Visa vs OCI Card. So let's do a comparative study between OCI card and Indian tourist visa with all the details.


What is an OCI card?

OCI card or Overseas Citizenship in India is only provided to the foreigners with Indian origin or with ancestors living in India by the central government of India. OCI card is strictly prohibited for the citizens of Bangladesh and Pakistan There are so many more things you need to learn in order to know the details about OCI cards. 


Documents Required to Apply for OCI Card

There are some basic documents you need to provide the government, especially in order to prove your Indian origin. So OCI card requirements include : 

  • You need to submit proof of your current citizenship.
  • Then you need to provide the evidence of yourself or parents or any ancestor being an Indian citizen.
  • You also have to show the evidence as proof of your relationship with your parent or the ancestor who has the citizenship of India.
  • You also need to provide your scanned passport size photograph and thumb impression.
  • A valid passport is really important.
  • Then you need to fill the OCI card application form and pay the application fee.

To know more about OCI card application fee, please contact: 



Details about the OCI Card Facilities: There are a few more important things you need to know 

  • The government of the Indian Republic never allows dual citizenship for one person. Only a foreigner with Indian origin can apply for this facility 
  •  By using an OCI card, the candidate can get citizenship for 5 years in India. 
  • Another important thing to note, the applicant must have to be a resident of India for at least 12 months, before applying for this facility. 


Disadvantages of OCI Card: Well don't just think OCI cards are full of benefits, it also has so many problems. Let's discuss the disadvantages of OCI card
  •  The proceeding time for an OCI card really takes far longer than any visa. 
  • Though they say that OCI is lifelong but every applicant who the age of below 21 years or above 50 years, need to renew it very often and every time with the new passport 
  • For the renewal of the OCI card, the applicant needs to pay the full amount from the starting each time. 


What is the Indian Tourist Visa?

Tourist Visas are only provided to foreigners with the non-Indian origin and they must not have a residence or occupation in India. A Tourist Visa is only granted for those foreigners who have a sole purpose of visiting India for recreation, sightseeing, tours or to meet with their friends and relatives and attaining any special occasion etc. Please note Tourist Visa is prohibited for all the other activities in India. Apply India Visa Online at Tourist Visa Online.


Steps to apply for Indian Tourist Visa: So here are the brief three steps to apply Indian visa online

Step 1: Fill the India Visa Application first: 

  • Firstly you need to choose your living and citizenship country. 
  • Then you have to choose your type of visa you want. 
  • After choosing that, you have to fill the Indian visa application form provided by us. 
  • Then finally you need to upload the required documents for an Indian visa. 


  • Details about the Indian Tourist Visa Facilities: There are a few really important things you need to know everything about Indian Tourist Visa: 
  • Indian Tourist Visa duration: Tourist Visa basically comes with a validity of 5 years with multiple entries. One can stay for 180 days in India using this visa. 
  •  Indian Tourist Visa extension: Tourist Visa never comes with an extension period, so you can't extend it. Only Medical Visas can be extended. 
  •  Indian Tourist Visa fee: To know about the fee of Indian tourist visa, please contact: support@touristvisaonline.com 
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