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Iran visa for UK Citizens can be obtained by visiting the Iran Embassy, or they can apply for an Electronic visa or E-visa online through the websites. It is easy and convenient to apply for a visa online as it saves a lot of time. Visa for British citizens is issued only when they have a wholly organized tour or a pre-booked itinerary of Iran.  

Iran Visa fee for United Kingdom Passport Holders

Type of Visa

Visa Category

No. of Entry

Visa Validity

Stay Validity

Processing Time

Visa Fee

30 Days Visa

Tourist Visa

Single Entry

90 Days

30 Days

10 - 15 Days

193.0 USD

3 Days Visa

Tourist Visa

Single Entry

7 Days

3 Days

10 - 15 Days

112.0 USD

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Iran Visa Requirements for UK Nationals:


  • Passport size photo. 
  • The photo should be recent and visible.
  • The photo size should be 35*45 mm, with white background and front face.
  • The photo must be coloured. 


  • Passport with the validity of at least six months from the date of allotment of Visa.
  • The Passport bio page should be clear and completely visible in the scanned photo and have two pages blank.
  • Passport must not have any stamps of Israel or any other countries crossing border points with Israel.

Approval or Letter of Authorization:

  • Visa approval/visa Grant Notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tehran.
  • Visa application form completely typed and signed. 

Itinerary and Tickets:

  • Organized Itinerary.
  • Confirmed air tickets along with the return tickets.
  • All the details are required regarding the stay, hotel bookings.

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Procedure for Iran visa for UK citizens

Iran visa for UK citizens can be obtained by filing the visa application on the website.

  1. The applicant has to fill the visa application form.
  2. No column of the Iran visa application form for UK citizens should be left blank.
  3. Information provided by the applicant in the form must be correct as any incorrect detail may lead to rejection of the application.
  4. Pay the Visa application fees online through debit/credit card, UPI, NEFT or internet banking after the application is filled to get Iran visa for UK citizens. 

Types of Iran Visa for UK Citizens: 

Tourist Visa:

The tourist visa is for those UK citizens who want to spend their vacation in Iran with their family, friends, and colleagues. A tourist visa is issued for 30 days and three days with a validity period of 30 days and seven days, respectively. A tourist visa is a single entry visa; therefore, the traveller can leave the country only once after visiting Iran and cannot travel back to Iran on the same Visa.

Business visa 

Business visa is for those UK citizens, who want to expand their business by investing money in Iran. This Visa does not provide the right to the visa holder to search or gain employment in the country.

Transit visa :

If Iran comes in between the two countries while travelling, then a transit visa is required. Transit visa does not allow UK citizens or foreign nations to stay in Iran.

Employment visa:

Employment visa is for the people who have secured any job in an Iranian company or organization. For an employment visa, the employer must have an invitation letter from the employer of the company.

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Citizens of the 21 countries do not need a visa for Iran:















North Korea






United Kingdom

United States



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Q. What are the Iran visa requirements for UK nationals?

  1. Photograph
  2. Passport
  3. Letter of Authorization 

Q. Is it necessary for UK citizens to book an itinerary before visiting Iran?

Yes, Citizens of the UK, Canada, and the US have to pre-book itinerary for travelling in Iran.  

Q. Can I visit Iran if there is an Israel stamp on my passport?

Does not matter which country you belong if you have stamps of Israel or any other countries crossing border points with Israel, then your Visa will be rejected for sure. 

Q. Are UK citizens eligible for Visa on arrival?

No, UK citizens have to apply for Visa in advance before visiting the country. 

Q. The tourist visa can be extended?

No, a tourist visa cannot be extended.

Q. Can I apply for a multiple-entry tourist visa?

Iran does provide a multiple-entry tourist visa facility to any country. Tourists can only apply for a single entry Tourist visa.

Q. Is an Iran visa for UK citizens allows for traveling without a travel guide?

No, For UK citizens travel guide is necessary. It does not imply that one cannot wander without a guide. It is because the guide must have all the information regarding the itinerary.

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