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Documents are required for Iran visa as it plays an important role in your visa Approval. Every country has its own documents requirements in order to enter their country and these requirements are needed to fulfill while applying for a visa. The documents required for Iran visa are easy to collect, scan, and submit. Iran offers various types of visas, and each of them has its separate set of documents. However, a mandatory set of documents common for all types of Iran visa is mentioned for ease of the application process for any tourist.

General Documents required for an Iranian Visa

A valid passport, a visa application form of the Iranian government, photographs, and flight tickets are the mandatory documents that are required. These documents must be of the correct format and must fall into the required criteria. Please note how these papers are to be submitted:

Passport and Application Form

  • A passport that you submit must have a validity of a minimum time period of 6 months.
  • A Visa grant Notice is necessary to be taken on your Iran visa application form.
  • The details in your application form must be types if you are going to submit your details online.
  • The signatures did on the application form and the candidate’s passport must match.
  • The details given in your passport must match with your application form as well.


  • Photographs must be passport-sized
  • Photographs must be recent and also studio clicked, preferably on a plain background. 
  • Ensure that if you are submitting a scan of your photograph anywhere, it must be a colored, clean scan.
  • The photograph must not have any glare.

Flight Tickets to and fro Iran

  • The tickets to your flight must be arrival and a return ticket.
  • These tickets must be confirmed and under the validation period of your Iran Visa.
  • If you are applying for a Transit Visa for Iran, then mention your flight ticket to where you will be going.

Hotel Bookings

  • Confirmed Hotel Bookings are necessary for any Iran visa to be approved of.
  • These papers can be transaction papers between tourist and hotel management.
  • Please note that the Iranian Hotel you will be staying in must be registered and a recognizable one under the Iranian Government.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can you apply online for an Iran Visa?

Yes. With Tourist Visa Online, one can easily apply for an Iran Visa Online. By just following the five simple steps which include scanning your documents and paying online. You will receive your verified Iran visa within three days in your own email inbox.

For further transparency in the application process, you can also cross-check the status of your Iran visa application anytime by mentioning your passport and application number.

Q. Are there any additional documents that are required for an Iran visa?

Yes, depending on your Iran Visa Type, some additional papers may be required to prove your purpose of visit to Iran.

  • A Diplomatic passport is necessary if you are applying for a Diplomatic or Service Visa.
  • An Admission Letter from an Iran University if you are applying for a Student Visa for Iran
  • Offer Letter from your employee if you wish to avail a Business Visa to travel to Iran.
  • In a Transit Visa, visa for the country you will be going to.

Q. How much is the cost of an Iran Visa?

The average cost of an Iran Visa is between 10 to 150 euros. The changes in the cost may be due to weather or travel conditions.

Q. Can an Indian opt for an Iran Visa on arrival?

Indians are eligible for a visa-on-arrival. However, one can easily apply for an Iran Tourist Visa online. Iran visas are available online through Tourist Visa Online. 

Q. Are there any extra documents that I have to submit while applying online for an Iran Visa?

No. The only difference between applying online and through an Embassy is the way the documents are to be submitted. In an Online method, you will be asked to submit a copy of your documents as a colored scan, while in an Embassy you will be required to create a photocopy of each document.

Q. How long can I stay in Iran on a Tourist Visa?

A general Iran Visa has a validity period of maximum 30 days. However, it can be extended for 90 days more. The extension application takes approximately a day to be approved.

Q. What is the best time I can visit Iran as a tourist?

Usually, spring is the best time to travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Autumn and winter seasons are ideal as well. Traveling in the summer months should be avoided as the heat of this Middle Eastern lands is not favorable for everyone.

Q. What are the good international airports in Iran if I am applying for an Iran Transit Visa?

Tehran and Shiraz are two most famous airports catering to international flights from around the world. Tehran especially has networks and flights arriving from Europe, Turkey, and Germany. Shiraz has major flights coming from Dubai.

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