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In unprecedented times like these, it is a matter of concern for everyone out there battling their lives amidst the pandemic and missing out on the adventures of the world! Although, some places have been hit the worst by the pandemic, but there are other countries doing considerably well. However, if you are traveling to Iran for the purpose of business or tourism, you must be wondering: Is Iran Safe to visit? Well, as a matter of fact, this question is a major concern for many people aspiring to visit Iran but here’s how we can help you determine by giving you some reviews if you are planning a trip to Iran!

Is Iran Safe to visit 2020?

With the ongoing, COVID-19 pandemic, you may want to reconsider your travel to Iran but by following the UN regulations and getting your PCR tests, it is safe to visit Iran.

Iran is one of the safest places in the Gulf as many of the travelers describe Iran to be the safest place they have ever been to or safer than the countries of Europe for the least. Although, there may be violent crime in every country but it is extremely rare against foreigners. To be on the safer side, you must do your best to fit in with local customs and as long as you do that, you are unlikely to be treated unjustly. You will not face many of the common thefts that are prevalent in other countries so you can easily leave out your belongings in restaurants and cafes, stay in the homes of strangers and you will not face issues as the punishment for crime is too severe.

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Is Iran safe to visit for women?

For women travelers you must exercise precaution just like you would anywhere in the world such as avoiding situations where you are alone with a man you don’t know. However, foreign women will attract unwanted suggestions especially in crowded bazaars and Metro carriages so you may want to avoid crowded areas too. Make sure to stay away from anyone you suspect of following or spying, you immediately report to the authorities.

Is Iran safe to visit: Is it safe to visit Iran as a tourist?


There are usually fewer stories of assaults and thefts in Iran, but it is advisable to take adequate precautions. Factors such as if the economic situation worsens crime will rise also play fair in these instances. These are some of the basic things to be aware of:

  • While commuting with any means of transport keep your valuables, including your passport, money, camera, and other important belongings with you at all times.
  • Hotels are quite safe but make sure that you lock your bags as it prevents the hotel staff from going through them or sample your toiletries.
  • There is a hub of black market in stolen foreign passports so unless your passport is with your hotel reception for passport check, you must keep your passport with you at all times.
  • Avoid crowded roads and bazaars to stray away from getting pickpocketed.
  • Kidnapping and Terrorism

Crime related to Kidnapping and Terrorism is extremely rare in majority parts of Iran. However, the Iranain government travel advisory services are advising against travelling to:

  • The Iran–Afghanistan border within 100km
  • The Iran–Iraq border under the province of Sistan va Baluchestan is an area lying east of the line running from Bam to Jask, including Bam and Zahedan Police & Security Forces within 10km.
  • Uniformed police and military are active but they do not have any interest in meddling with the foreign nationals or harassing the foreigners. In cities such as Esfahan, Shiraz and Mashhad you can easily find helpful Tourist Police who usually are English-speaker that are conveniently located at booths to help tourists out.
  • However, you must be cautious as photographing things that are sensitive or not allowed will most likely spark police interest. In case, you have been caught photographing restricted places such as the borders, Tehran train stations, let them know that you are a traveler and delete the pictures as it is best to respect the customs and not argue with them.
  • Foreigners are mandated to carry their passports at all times, but many times it can be difficult as hotels are also required to keep guests’ passports for police inspection. Therefore, make sure to carry several photocopies of both your passport’s face page and your Iranian visa, and if you go out of the town, you should leave a photocopy at reception and take your passport.
  • On the roads nearing the borders your transport will be stopped by police for mandatory inspection such as searching for drugs and other smuggled goods.

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These are some of the precautions that you must take while you are planning your trip to Iran. Due to strict punishment against crime, the crime rates are lesser than other places, this will certainly answer your concerned question: “Is Iran Safe to Visit”.

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