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Visiting Ireland opens doors for some very exciting memories. Indian Citizens who want to visit Ireland need to apply for Ireland Visa. Now, there are many visa requirements that Indians first fulfil to get the visa. There are various formalities to get the visa. It is obvious to get confused regarding the Ireland Visa Policy. Today, we will talk about Ireland Visa For Indians.


  1. Do Indian citizens need a visa for Ireland?
  2. Is Ireland Visa Difficult To Get?
  3. British Irish Visa Scheme.
  4. COVID-19 Travel Recommendations For Traveling To Ireland.
  5. Providing Your Ireland Address Details.
  6. What Type Of Visa Can Indian Citizens Apply?
  7. How Can I Apply For The Ireland Visa?

Do Indian citizens need a visa for Ireland?

Ireland Visa for Indians is a mandatory requirement. Without the visa, they are not permitted to enter Ireland. Indians can apply for any Ireland Visa according to their travel requirements. They are eligible for the e-Visa. So, they can fill the Ireland Visa Online Application and get the visa online.

Is Ireland Visa Difficult To Get?

It depends on where you are getting the visa. You can get the visa from Official Ireland Government Website but, the visa application form there is quite complex. Also if you face any Difficulty you won’t get any Immediate Assistance from them. Even after filling the form, there is no guarantee that you will get your e-Visa. Tourist Visa Online provides a visa with fewer documents. Visit Tourist Visa Online where you will get the excellent 24x7 Customer Support and 100% Guarantee that you will get your e-Visa.

British Irish Visa Scheme

On 16th June 2014, a new British Irish Visa Scheme was announced between Ireland and the United Kingdom for India and China. British Irish Visa Scheme allows for travel to and around both the UK and Ireland, including Northern Ireland with a single visa. They can travel to both Uk and Ireland with either Irish Visa or UK Visa. The visa you use depends on which country you visit first. With this Scheme Tourists, Business Visitors can freely visit both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The stay duration depends upon the type of visa you apply. Let’s take an example to understand this scheme. Let’s say a Tourist wants to visit both Dublin and Belfast. He/she can apply for an Irish short-stay visa. With the Irish Visa, he/she can travel directly to Dublin and then onwards to Northern Ireland without applying for a separate UK visa. Also, they can travel to Ireland following a visit to the UK without applying for the re-entry visa.

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COVID-19 Travel Recommendations For Traveling To Ireland

People who want to travel to Ireland during a pandemic have to fill the ‘Covid-19 Passenger Locator Form’. Filling this form is a necessary requirement. The form can be completed before your travel. Irish health Authorities will be using this form to contact you to verify your location in Ireland. With the help of this form, contact tracers can contact you if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus on your flight. Applicants can get a fine of up to €2,500 or six months in prison, or both if they do any of the things mentioned below:

  1. They do not fill or complete this form.
  2. If they give incorrect or misleading information.
  3. If they don’t provide an update of any information.

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Providing Your Ireland Address Details

All visa applicants need to provide their full address of where they will be staying in Ireland. They should provide the address details when they apply for a visa regardless of their visa type or category. You also need to give the full details of your accommodation.

What Type Of Visa Can Indian Citizens Apply?

Indians can apply for any kind of visa depending upon the purpose of their arrival. There are many Types of Ireland Visa. If you are visiting for vacation or general-purpose then you can apply for a Tourist visa. If you want to visit for Business Purpose then Business Visa is right for you. Indians are also eligible for Transit Visa. Research first about your visa before applying.

To apply for a visa you need to fill an Ireland Visa Application Form. The form is available online. In the form, you need to provide your passport details, trip details, and personal information. Most Importantly, filling the form does not mean you will get the visa. Only after verification of your documents, you will get the visa via mail.

How Can I Apply For The Ireland Visa?

Visit Tourist Visa Online where you will get your e-Visa easily. Tourist Visa Online provides secure online transactions and provides user-friendly visa services. We have an experienced team of visa experts who checks all your visa documents. If they find any mistake in your form they will correct it themselves. They will make sure that the visa application has all the correct documents and details. In this way, your visa application does not get rejected. If you want a visa on an urgent basis we also provide Fast Forward Visa Service. By using this service we will provide you with a visa in less than 48 hours.


1) Do Indians need their old passport at the time of visa application?

Ans: Yes, Indians need to have their old passport and also need an Original valid passport for 06 months from the Date of Arrival.

2) What is the Ireland Visa Fee for Indians?

Ans: For the single-entry visa the fees are INR 5,100. On the other hand for a Multiple-entry visa, Indians need to pay INR 8,500. For a transit visa, it is INR 2,125.

3) What is the processing time for Visit Visa in India?

Ans: The Ireland Visa processing time in India for the visit visa is 20 working days. Different Ireland Visas has different processing time.

4) How can I go to Ireland from India?

Ans: Indian Citizens who want to visit Ireland need to apply for a visa online. They need to fill the visa application form. After verification of all the documents, they will receive the visa on their registered email address.

5) Is there any interview for Ireland Visa?

Ans: The Irish Government decision-making centre will only conduct an interview if necessary during the visa application process.

6) What does VFS Global do?

Ans: VFS Global manages visa application centres for the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service. It also manages Embassy of Ireland here in India and you submit the visa application documents there.

7) Which Coronavirus form do I need to fill when travelling to Ireland?

Ans: The Government of Ireland has made it compulsory for the visitors to fill the ‘Covid-19 Passenger Locator Form’. You can fill the form before your journey to Ireland.

8) Is there any Ireland Work Visa for Indian?

Ans: Citizens of India who want to work in Ireland need to apply for the Work Visa.

9) Is there any Ireland Visa For Indians?

Ans: Yes, Indians are eligible to apply for Ireland Visa. They can apply for e-Visa Online. Various Ireland visa documents required for India like Passport, Confirmed Return Ticket, Bank Statements, and much more.

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