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Most of the people must have applied for the Ireland Visa. Without a visa, you cannot visit Ireland. Now, after applying for the visa you would definitely think about your Ireland Visa Status, right? Many travel agents don’t provide this service but, Tourist Visa Online believes in providing high-quality visa services to its customers. In fact-checking, your visa status through us is like a piece of cake! You can apply for the Ireland Visa Online easily through us without any complications. If you have any questions regarding the visa status then this article is for you. Today, we will talk about Ireland Visa Status.


  1. What is Visa Status?
  2. Is it Necessary to check Your Visa Status Online?
  3. How To Check Your Ireland Visa Status.
  4. Why You Should Apply For Ireland Visa With Tourist Visa Online:

What is Visa Status?

First things first, let’s understand the meaning of Visa Status. To Apply Ireland Visa online the first step is to fill the Ireland Online Application. But, after filling the form you must have this question that what happened to your visa right? Visa Status in simple words answers what happened to your visa after you have applied for it. Like is the visa application rejected or is it in the processing stage or has been verified and ready to pick up. Tourist Visa Online provides detailed information about your visa. You can Track Visa Status online easily within few minutes.

Is it Necessary to check Your Visa Status Online?

Filling the visa application form does not guarantee that you will receive the visa. If you check the visa you will always be on the safer side. For example, if you check your visa status and get to know that your application has been denied then you can take appropriate actions according to it, right? On the other hand, if you get to know that your visa got denied just a few days before your trip to Ireland then it would create a big nuisance. Checking visa status is a very important step. It will help you to avoid any big trouble in the near future.

How To Check Your Ireland Visa Status

  1. Visit Tourist Visa Online
  2. You just need to give your Application Id.
  3. You will receive your Application ID when you submit the application form online.
  4. After putting the details you can see the visa status. If the visa has been approved you can download it.
  5. See, just in few very easy steps, you can track your visa status online.

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Why You Should Apply For Ireland Visa With Tourist Visa Online

Tourist Visa Online has been in this Visa Service for years. We are known for providing user-friendly visa services to our customers. We don’t complicate things but provide visa with less and easy to fill documents. No need to visit any Embassy! We have processed 2M+ Visa Applications. To get the visa you need to fulfil all the Ireland Visa Requirements and we tell all the accurate information. All of them have been processed with 99.9 per cent success rates. Tourist Visa Online has a team of visa experts who verifies all your documents. So, if they find any mistake in your form they will correct it and then only send it for processing. In this way, the chances of your visa application getting denied are very less. Most Importantly, we provide a 100% secure online transaction and provides excellent 24x7 Customer Support. If you want a visa urgently then we can provide a visa in less then 48 hours.

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1) How do I know if my visa is approved?

Ans: When you give your Application ID on Tourist Visa Online website there will be an application status which will say if it is under review, or being processed or has been verified.

2) What are the documents required for Ireland Visa?

Ans: There are various Ireland Visa Requirements like Passport valid for 6 Months, Confirmed Return Ticket, Bank Statements, Income tax papers, and a lot more. 

3) What things do I need to present upon arrival in Ireland?

Ans: Upon arrival in Ireland, first you need to present your passport, which must have the Irish Visa Sticker. Also, you need to show your confirmed return ticket and documents which can show your purpose of arrival in Ireland.

4) What is the processing time of Ireland Tourist Visa?

Ans: The processing time of the Tourist Visa is 20-25 Days.

5) Do I compulsorily need to fill the Ireland Visa Online Application?

Ans: Without filling the online visa application you won’t be able to apply for the visa online.

6) What are the things required to check my visa status online?

Ans: For the online visa tracking through Tourist Visa Online you need to have an Application ID.

7) Is there any Ireland Multiple Entry Visa and if yes, what is the stay validity of it?

Ans: Yes, there is a Multiple Entry Ireland Visa with a stay validity the same as the Single-Entry visa 90 Days.

8) Can we Ireland Visa Status online?

Ans: Yes, you can easily track visa status online easily through Tourist Visa Online just by giving your Application ID.

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