Kazakhstan Cultural Complete Guide for Tourists

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Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, bordered by Russia in the north and China in the east, and has a vast territory. It is the ninth largest country in the world, with a truly diverse landscape, fascinating history, and rich culture, enough to compete with any place in the world. Tourism in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan's unique culture, traditions, ceremonies, art, museums, traditional Kazakh lifestyle, cuisine, historical attractions, and many other aspects of Kazakhstan attract tourists from all over the world to this beautiful country. The accommodation makes the trip pleasant and profitable. The trip to Kazakhstan organized by a well-known travel agency covers the most popular travel options as well as shopping fun and activities to make your trip unforgettable.

Their culture:-

Kazakhstan’s people have different cultures and they wear different clothing styles. Kazakh national costume is an important part of Kazakh culture. In the past, Kazakh clothing indicated his status, wealth, and approximate age. Kazakh clothing is mainly made of cotton, wool, and felt. According to their nomadic lifestyle. Many clothes are also sewn from animal skins, furs, and leathers, making them durable and suitable clothes to protect them from the harsh conditions of the grasslands. As we all know, the rich wore wide belts with gold buckles and decorated their clothes. It has spectacular decorations and gems; wear shoes according to the season: light boots made of thin leather in summer, and high boots made of thick leather in winter, which can resist the cold; women's shoes are mostly green or red, embroidered with silk and decorated with Small tread plate.
Kazakhstan way of life has been substantially motivated through us of a's nomadic history. Its wealth and numerous beyond is pondered in nearby cuisine, music, film, literature, theatre, fashion, arts, religion, and traditions.

Kazakhstan cultural traditions

Kazakhstan is one of the maxima ethnically and religiously numerous nations inside the world. This is in component a result of its precise geography, placed in the middle of Eurasia, in addition to the agreement of European and Asian migrants for the duration of the 20 century. Ethnic and non-secular tolerance is deeply embedded into the Kazakh way of life, and we of a's nomadic background is primarily based totally upon concepts of hospitality and openness.
During Russian colonization inside the nineteenth Century, extra than one million settlers from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus got here to the territories comprising cutting-edge Kazakhstan. In the overdue Nineteen Twenties and 1930s, Soviet collectivization and industrialization brought about the migration of a further 1.four million Europeans. In total, around 800,000 Germans, 185,000 Koreans, 102,000 Poles, 507,000 North Caucasians, and big numbers of Turks, Greeks, and Kalmyk’s had been deported to Kazakhstan.

Cultural trip:-

Kazakhstan’s cultural trip is the best part of this place full of cultural values, stories, and sight seens.
In this cultural tour of Kazakhstan, explore the natural beauty, the Silk Road ruins, and the world's largest inland bustling city. Kazakhstan has oil and mineral resources and is the richest country in the world. In recent years, it has developed into an economic powerhouse in Central Asia, but apart from prosperous cities, the country still has deep traditions and scenery. There are many varieties: from mountains to lush valleys, endless grasslands, and arid deserts. The national park is home to a variety of endangered animal species. Explore the historical sites scattered across this vast land, from the tombs built by the Timor Order to the ruins of Silk Road cities. Charyn Canyon looks like the epitome of the Grand Canyon. We had dinner with a local family in Turkestan and visited the two vibrant cities of Almaty and Astana. The trip consisted of minibuses, motorboats, night trains, and domestic flights between Shymkent and Astana. It only takes 10 days to enjoy the diversity and warmth of this huge Central Asian country.

Kazakhstan traditional food

Facts and characteristics of traditional Kazakh cuisine. The main dish of each Dastarkhan, and one of the most delicious main dishes of Kazakhs, is meat cooked in Kazakh. The cooked meat is large and not sliced. The owner himself cuts the meat and entertains every customer: the pelvic bone. The elder gave a leg, the son-in-law or daughter-in-law gave abreast, the girl gave a neck bone, and so on. The most distinguished guest received a special method of cooking lamb. Observe an ancient ritual among the people around Dastarkhan, which pays tribute to guests, the elderly, children, close and distant relatives. The delicious and aromatic meat is served with a thinly cooked shortcrust pastry. The rich beef broth is an excellent addition to this dish. The soup is in cans. Kumis and tea are the last dishes of the meal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The respectable language is Kazakh, however, maximum human beings communicate Russian. In the main cities (Almaty, Astana, Shymkent) you could meet English-talking human beings.

In Almaty experience on public bus and subway expenses eighty KZT (one way) and in Astana - ninety KZT (one way). In foremost cities, taxi experience stages from 800 - a thousand Tenge. In different cities, fares are cheaper. The numbers are legitimate for December 2016.


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