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If you are interested in visiting Kazakhstan, you should apply for a tourist visa for Kazakhstan. In this article, we have jotted down information about Kazakhstan B1 Tourist Visa.

You can apply online for 30 days on a visitor visa as we offer a complex free online application form that can be filled out conveniently and efficiently in your home comfortably—well structured or arranged, easily readable visa application form. Visiting the luxurious countryside might sound like the precise idea of your journey, but off-road country trips are rarely a choice for a holiday. But here is Kazakhstan to satisfy your all-road adventure wishes. 

About Kazakhstan B1 Tourist Visa

This tourist visa is only valid for a maximum of 90 days, and you can stay for a total of 60 days. You have to pay $305 for this visa. This is a type of single-entry visa.

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Documents Required for Kazakhstan B1 Tourist Visa

The documents you will require when you apply for a Kazakhstan B1 Tourist Visa from Tourist Visa Online are listed below:

  • A Valid Passport: Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of six months. There should also be at least three blank pages for stamping purposes. You need a clear display of the passport. It should not be torn or broken.
  • Visa Applicants Photos: You must click on images with a white background. The applicant must have a straight face, and 80% of the frame must be captured by clicking on the photo. There should also be good lighting and no headgear (apart from the religious purpose). The ear of the candidate should be visible as well.
  • Return Flight Booking Details: You must submit the details of confirmed return flight tickets. It is confirmation that you will return to your country after flying around the globe.
  • Bank Statement of the Applicant: You must apply your bank balance at least over the last three months. It clarifies that you and any dependent who travels financially will agree and take care of themselves with plenty of money on your side. A bank statement will be sent from your bank branch easily.
  • Hotel Booking Details: Hotel reservation details are necessary as proof of accommodation. It gives the Immigration Department an idea of where you are in the country.

Steps to Apply for B1 Tourist Visa

A Kazakhstan B1 Tourist Visa with an online process is very easy to request. For the issuance of a visa, you may access the most trusted website Tourist Visa Online. To receive the authorized Visa, just follow the steps listed below.

  1. Check out the Tourist Visa Online website.
  2. Choose your citizenship, nationality, and the country you want to apply for the visa; after loading the page and click Apply Visa.
  3. Pick the visa form and period on the following page; in this case, the visa is Kazakhstan B1 Tourist Visa.
  4. If you are finished, just go on to fill out the application form to enter all relevant information such as name, age, passport details, date of birth, travel reasons, and other information.
  5. Please proceed to insert the documentation required to receive the visa after completing the application form. Your passport check, scanned photos, airline tickets, and other documentation must be attached.
  6. You only have to pay the visa fee after you have added all necessary documentation. A legal alternative such as a credit card, debit card, or other payment option enables you to cover the visa fee.

Once you complete the steps mentioned above, you just have to relax, and all the other work is done by the officials of Tourist Visa Online. They process your visa to the embassy after an in-depth checking so that there are no chances of visa rejection. Once your visa is issued, you will get a mail on your registered email id, which will include your approved Kazakhstan Visa.

Other Kazakhstan Visa Types

Diplomatic visas (A1, A2): These are issued to heads of foreign countries, governments, international organizations, diplomacy, family members; members of parliament, foreign governments; international organizations, equivalents, and family members – holders of diplomatic passports as well as members of official foreign delegations, and accompanying them Diplomatic courier, diplomatic post office – holders of diplomatic passengers –, Honorary Consuls of the Kazakh Republic and their family, holders of diplomatic passengers, and passports of foreign organizations, with official trade status equal to diplomatic agents visiting the Republic of Kazakhstan; The diplomatic agents of foreign diplomatic and equivalent agencies, consular officers from international consular offices, employees from international organizations and representation bureaux accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the honorary consuls of the foreign states accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be present.

Service Visa (A3, A4): It shall be issued to members of the official foreign delegation, their accompanying persons and family members; representatives of the foreign mass media accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan and traveling for official transport to the Republic of Kazakhstan (in coordination with the MFA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan; People who depend on persons seeking visas 'A2' and 'A4,' holders of international organization passports which are not equivalent to diplomatic agents, as well as holders of national passports which work for international organizations and members of their families; holders of official Republic of Kazakhstan passports for official business; Diplomatic couriers carrying diplomatic bags if not having diplomatic passports in the presence of courier papers; persons traveling for business to Kazakhstan at the request of foreign diplomatic missions, consular agencies, international organizations and their offices, State agencies of Kazakhstan, cosmonauts and astronauts on their way to Kazakhstan.

Investor visa (A5): It shall be given to, and to members of their families, the Heads, and Heads of Business Units of Legal Persons carrying out investment in the territory of Kazakhstan.

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Final Words

So these are all the details regarding the Kazakhstan B1 Tourist Visa. If you plan to travel to Kazakhstan, you must get the Visa from Tourist Visa Online and explore the nation.

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