Cities in Kazakhstan for international travellers

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In Kazakhstan, there are many places for visiting. Tourists can enjoy the place by exploring and experiencing the best places. There are many international airports here like Aktua, Almaty, Atyrau, and Oral Ak Zhol. We will also discuss how to apply for an online visa for Kazakhstan. The documents and requirements for visa processing are also explained. The best cities available in Kazakhstan visit by travelers.

How to apply Kazakhstan visa:

The Kazakhstan visa is available online at the website of Tourist Visa Online. The process of applying for a tourist visa online is not tedious. Select the visa required according to needs. Make the payments for the visa selected by you.  The document submission is the next process. Read the documents required carefully and submit. Make sure the document that’s scanned covers to full-page without blurring. Then check the mails regularly for a visa. The embassy sends the visa through the applicant's email address.


Cities in Kazakhstan for international travellers:

There are lots of places and many cities in Kazakhstan to visit. We will discuss the cities and places one by one provided with full information. You can plan the travel according to the interest and time.


Astana is the first place we are going to discuss. There are many big buildings and centers for business corporates. Every piece of architecture here will make you astonished and mesmerized. The Bayterek tower is a hundred and five (105) meters high. The Duman complex is the best place for travellers who love art. There is a palace called Ak Orda Presidential and the Astana stadium is a must-visit. There is a sea aquarium present with a wide range of sea creatures.



Almaty is the next city in Kazakhstan. Here you can get to know the beautiful paces surrounded by the Snow Mountains. There is a museum here with the old heritage. There is also a market available for fresh vegetables and fruits. Not only eatable there are also clothing and goods available. The other places to visit here in Almaty, Issyk and Kolsai Lake, Kok-Tobe hill, and the baths of Arasan.


The Aktau city is where you can have the best view of the Caspian Sea. The lawns, libraries, theatres, and cinema halls that’s experienced. The other places to visit are the botanical garden, Taras statue, Emel national park, and the cafes.


The next will be the ancient city called Taraz. This is the most famous place for Kazakhstan tourists. The dome is present here with sixteen ribbed. It is the Babaji-Khatun Mausoleum. The other places here are Stonehenge, Aisha Bibi village, and the Taraz museum.



The next is the world’s 15th largest lake called Lake Balkhash. It’s situated to the eastern part of the Aral Sea with six hundred miles. It has marine creatures with millions of varieties. The western part of the lake has more salt content and the eastern lake is less salter. Here you can spend time fishing and camping. You have a pleasant holiday by visiting the place.


The steps for the whole visa process are also explained in detail. The entire tourist places that are very interesting and important are also mentioned here. It’s also called the land of wanderers. There are other places like Baikonur, Semey, Turgen Gorge, Shymkent, Lake Kaindy, Nomad’s land, and Tamglay-Tas. The month from April to September is the best to visit Kazakhstan. The rates for the tickets for visiting Kazakhstan are also very reasonable. Before the pandemic, US citizens can get visas on arrival at airports. Other than this all the other passengers need a visa to enter Kazakhstan. But due to the Covid pandemic, every passenger from any country needs to get a visa before arriving at the Kazakhstan airport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, alcohol is not prohibited in Kazakhstan. You can consume alcohol in Kazakhstan. The main rule is that you cannot consume alcohol in public or religious places. The minimum age for consuming alcohol is twenty-one (21) years.

Every season has its advantages and disadvantages. In Kazakhstan also every season has a reason for the visit. The travellers who are interested in skiing can visit from May to August. The month from December to March first few weeks is best for people who love ice skating. Travellers who want to experience the pleasant nature with greenery can visit Kazakhstan during the time of spring.

The answer to the question is yes. The passengers who can avail visas on arrival are denied to enter Kazakhstan. The passengers traveling from any country need to get permission and a visa from the embassy. Due to this pandemic as of now only passengers from 117 countries can visit Kazakhstan only with the proper visa.

There are many products available in Kazakhstan. But the main products purchased here are honey, chocolates, and clothes.

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