Kazakhstan tourism complete guide

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One of the countries in Central Asia is Kazakhstan. The Nur-Sulthan is the capital. The money they use is Kazakhstani tenge. It is an interesting place to visit. They share the border with Russia and China. The languages that are officially used are Russian and Kazakh. Every unique aspect in Kazakhstan is unique and interesting. There is a lot for exploring here in Kazakhstan. All you need to do is plan your dates, get the visa, book tickets, and enjoy your vacation. Due to these Covid periods, they have taken a few precautionary steps and measures that’s followed by every traveller entering Kazakhstan. They have deserts, lakes, grasslands, mountains, the sea, and canyons. It covers all the available features on the earth in one place. It will for sure be a wonderful experience to visit Kazakhstan.

Basic needs for visiting Kazakhstan:

The original passport and the required visa are important for entering Kazakhstan. The amount required for the whole travel expenses must be present. The amount should help you in completing the whole travel for visiting Kazakhstan. Make a travel plan for places you are willing to visit after reaching Kazakhstan. This helps you save time and visit many more places. You can also calculate the budget accordingly. The next is the stay details book your accommodation well in advance so that it reduces the chaos at last minute. Book the tickets for entry and exit according to the date carefully. Whenever you visit countries there are few ethics and rules of that country that’s followed by every passenger who visits that country. In this pandemic, times check for your health conditions and take the Covid test before the travel.


Kazakhstan sightseeing places:

The Kazakhstan tourism ministry has declared several beautiful locations as tourist places. We are going to discuss the important places in detail. 


The Aktau is located near the Caspian Sea. Here the tourist can enjoy the pleasant features of the sea. Have dinners along the seashore with the moonlight above. There are many resorts available here you can book them as per needs. 

The Almaty

The Almaty is the place for adventure. The skating rink of high altitude is available here. This is a place for many visits during travel to Kazakhstan.



The next is the Aralsk was the port for fishing once. Now you can have a view of camels there. The reason is they had the coast area changed to about forty (40) kilometers away. 
For just having a feel-good time and to just enjoy the views. You can visit Shymkent. This place is also called Kazakhstan Texas. There is nothing special here they just have the hotels, restaurants, and bars. This is very useful for chilling with families and friends. There are even hiking options available in the mountains nearby. 


Turkistan is the next place we are going to discuss. It's said to be one of the historic places in Kazakhstan. The places have the architecture of the Islamic medieval period. In the fourteen (14th) century this place that’s ruled by king Timur. So these places make you know the history and the old architecture of the place.  There are a lot more places for visitors to travel and explore in Kazakhstan. Those are Zharkent, Baikonur, Karaganda, and the Nur-Sultan.

Kazakhstan tourist visa:

The Kazakhstan tourism visa website is the place for applying for a visa. The website is the place for issuing tourist visas online. The process of visa applying is very easy and rapid. There are just three to four steps for applying. The first is to select the visa as per your requirements. Do the payment online for the chosen visa type. Then they will ask to submit few documents for processing. You need to submit the document that’s required. The visa process starts it may take two to three days for processing. If the documents submitted are perfect and clear they will get the approved visa to the applicant’s email. In case if the visa is rejected they need to reapply for the visa process. After getting the visa you can book your tickets accordingly.



Every region will have variations in its temperature. In the same way in Kazakhstan, the temperature variations change from place to place. The capital city Nur-Sultan is known to be the second coldest capital in the whole world. So it’s better to visit Kazakhstan in the autumn or spring season. But the winter destination like Almaty is best to visit during winters only. You can plan your trip accordingly. Here we learned about how to apply for a Kazakhstan visa. We also learned about the places to visit when you travel to Kazakhstan.   

Apply Kazakhstan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The people who have a proper resident visa from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) are the people called GCC residents. These people can apply for an electronic visa even for people who accompany them. Only close family members like the wife, kids, and parents are eligible for the visa. These residents have visa validity for about six months. This is the proof for all the people accompanying the residents. The resident applicant must have anyone job role mentioned in the list. Check for the list before applying for the resident visa. A few of them are Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot, Business, etc.

The Kazakhstan tourism association has decided that the passengers coming from any country should follow the rules. They need the negative test report of Covid taken within two to three days of travel. In case they have results positive they are under quarantine or under isolation for about fourteen days. The travellers coming from other countries need to submit the details of the accommodation in Kazakhstan. The screening tests that’s done when you enter the airport.

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