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There are rules followed by every country even Kazakhstan have their own rules. So they have decided few rules like the citizens from few countries need a visa for visiting Kazakhstan. The few countries can avail visa at arrival in airports. The few other countries have the chance of a visa-free visit to Kazakhstan. We will also discuss Kazakhstan passport visa-free countries also.

Which countries do not need a visa for Kazakhstan?

All the countries that have mentioned in the following content do not need any visa to enter Kazakhstan. Now because the Covid is raising the Kazakhstan embassy has suspended the visit to visa-free countries. This suspension has an extension up to December 2021. We will discuss Kazakhstan's visa-free countries.
We will see the countries that had the option for visa-free before the pandemic. The few countries have permission for staying up to thirty (30) days for free. The few other countries had an option for staying ninety (90) days for free. The countries allowed for 30 days visa-free visit are Belgium, Australia, Austria, Chile, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, and France. Not only these countries there are a few more Malaysia, Mexico, UAE, Singapore, USA, Spain, etc. Before visiting you can check if your country is one of these countries and plan accordingly.  Next are the countries that have free visa visits for ninety days (90). They are Georgia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldovia, and Russia. The visa-free visit for 14 days is also available for passengers from Hong Kong. Due to the pandemic till 31 December 2021, the citizens coming from China and India cancelled for people to visit Kazakhstan. These are the Kazakhstan visa-free countries list.


Visa types:

There are many visas available for people who need to get the visa and enter Kazakhstan. The tourist visa has a period of stay for about 1 month that is 30 days. The permission for entering Kazakhstan is only one time. The cost of the visa is about INR five thousand four hundred and ninety-nine. They need a visa from Kazakhstan and an original passport are the main to enter Kazakhstan. The expiry for the visa is 3 months after the issue date. The time for getting the visa process done is three to four days. The next is the business visa for passengers. 

Visa Cost

The visa cost about INR six thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine. The permission for entering the country is only one. The expiry for the visa is for 90 days (3 months) from the issue date. The processing of the visa takes about three to four days. This visa is useful for people attending any co-operate meeting, client meetings, seminars, lectures, and business work. The stay period for the visa in 30 days (1month). These are the most commonly used visas for entering Kazakhstan. The next is also a business visa with the same expiry period of 3 months (90 days). But here they can have a stay period of about 2 months (60) days. The entry is also the same as above only a one-time entry to Kazakhstan. The next visa is the visa given to people for medical purposes. This also has permission for only 1 entry to enter Kazakhstan. The stay period for the medical visa is about 3 months (90 days). But the valid period for the visa is about 6 months (180 days) from the date of issue. The rates of the visa may vary according to the sites so before booking know the rates properly and book them.


Tourist visa online:

The Kazakhstan visa application is available online. You can book directly through official websites or you can apply by the travel agencies. The process of visa application is the same for both. The difference is just that in travel agencies they ask for details and documents from customers and apply for a visa through the agency. If you choose to get a visa on your own you can directly upload the details and documents. Just follow 3-4 steps for getting the visa. Do the money paid for the visa selected. Then do the submission of documents and details asked for. Then the embassy will check and verify the documents. If every detail provided is perfect and clear visa gets approved. You can receive the visas through the mail.


We discussed Kazakhstan visa-free countries rules along with the names of the country. We also explained in detail the types of visas. The costs and validations and the expiry period of the visa are also explained here. Even the procedure for visa application and methods for applying for a visa are also mentioned in detail.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to the question is yes. You need a visa to enter Kazakhstan if your country is on the list for getting a visa and entering. There are few countries that do not need visas for entering visas. They can check the list if their country is present and get a visa accordingly. If the countries name is under visa-free visit then they do not need to get the visa and enter Kazakhstan.

Yes, they need the tourist, business or the medical emergency or whatever visa required for entering the country. They can choose a visa according to their needs. But the visa is a must for Indian passports to visit Kazakhstan.


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