kazakhstan visa requirements

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To enter Kazakhstan you will need to apply for a kazakhstan visa along with it you are supposed to provide required documents for Kazakhstan visa. If you wonder what are the visa requirements for Kazakhstan. We have it all covered for you. From all the documents required to all the photo requirements, you will read about all the necessary requirements. Kazakhstan is an amazing destination for everyone who wishes to find the depths of religion or is interested in spending a day with wild horses or just does nothing at all and sit amidst nature. 

Contents - 

  • Documents required for Kazakhstan visa 
  • Special requirements for different visa types to Kazakhstan 
  • Photo guidelines for visa application to Kazakhstan
  • FAQs

The biggest question which comes to mind of every person who is planning to apply for a visa to Kazakhstan is that do we need a visa to visit Kazakhstan? Let us burst that balloon for you all, that you can check the list of exempted countries from the visa policy of Kazakhstan from our website Tourist Visa Online. You can check whether the country you belong to needs a visa to visit Kazakhstan or not. 

You can then apply for a visa to Kazakhstan online on our website easily. You will not be required to go to the embassy of Kazakhstan and then apply for a visa. You can sit at your home, check for the requirements for the visa to Kazakhstan, and simply apply for an e visa to Kazakhstan. 

Documents required for Kazakhstan visa - 

It is very important for you to collect your documents that are required for the visa application to Kazakhstan in order to apply for a visa. You must check the list to complete your visa application process in order to visit Kazakhstan.

The requirements include - 

  • You must have a passport issued by the government of your country. 
  • The passport should be valid for at least three months or more than that. 
  • You should also check that your passport has at least one blank page. 
  • You should have your passport size photograph following the photo guidelines. 

Special requirements for different visa types to Kazakhstan - 


1. Tourist Visa - 

In case you wish to explore the country and the purpose of your visit is tourism, then you can apply for a tourist visa to Kazakhstan. To apply for a tourist visa to Kazakhstan, you must have -

  • well prepared travel itinerary with you with all the necessary details. 
  • You should also have a return ticket from Kazakhstan. 

2. Business Visa - 

If you are applying for a business visa to Kazakhstan, you must check that you have the following documents with you - 

  • You must have an invitation letter from a business institution in Kazakhstan. 
  • Or in case of some other business opportunities in Kazakhstan, you must have relevant documents for proof that might be needed.

3. Student Visa - 

In order to apply for a student visa to Kazakhstan, you must have - 

  • An admission letter from an institution in Kazakhstan. 
  • Marksheet of the last education qualification. 

4. Transit Visa - 

A transit visa to Kazakhstan is only valid for a duration of 72 hours and is only for the people who wish to transit from Kazakhstan while traveling. If you wish to apply for a transit visa to Kazakhstan, you must have - 

  • An onward ticket with you for your journey. 
  • A valid visa to the country you are traveling to or traveling from. 

Photo guidelines for visa application to Kazakhstan - 

There are some photo guidelines you must follow for applying for a visa to Kazakhstan. These requirements include - 

  • The photograph must be clicked recently within the last three to six months. 
  • The photograph must have a white background. 
  • It must be of passport size. 
  • All your facial features should be visible in the photograph. 
  • Unnecessary shades are not allowed in the photograph.
  • The position of your head in the photograph must be square to the camera. 
  • Your face must be well illuminated in the photograph, no uneven lighting should be there
  • Only special religious dresses with head wears are allowed but you cannot wear casual head wears in the photograph. 

FAQs - 

1. Do I need a return ticket to get a tourist visa to Kazakhstan?  

Yes, you should have a return ticket from Kazakhstan in order to prove your stay duration in the country. You must have a return ticket at the time of applying for the visa to Kazakhstan. 

2. Can I apply for a student visa to Kazakhstan without an admission letter?  

In order to apply for a student visa to Kazakhstan, you will need to get admission to an institution of Kazakhstan. Without the enrollment to an institution in Kazakhstan, you cannot apply for a student visa to Kazakhstan. 


So, here was the information you need to know about visa requirements to Kazakhstan. You can check the requirements and then apply for an e visa to Kazakhstan through our website Tourist Visa Online easily. 

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