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While Kazakhstan has only 18 million people, it is the ninth largest country in the world (with 2,724,900 square kilometres). The vast land is hidden from the periodic table of the richest countries in Central Asia (especially large oil reserves). In this article, we have jotted down Reasons to visit Kazakhstan.

Top Reasons to visit Kazakhstan

Sherkala Mountain

Sherkala means Lion's fortress, located in Mangystau province. There was once a fortified city on the top of the mountain. There is nothing left of it, but the site still offers breathtaking sunsets.

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Orthodox Cathedral of Almaty

Built in the early 20th century, this church is built from wood without using a nail. This church is made of wood. Another feature is the anti-earthquake structure, which was checked with an actual earthquake in 1911 and which was only slightly damaged by the cathedral, which was a surprise for many.

Kazakh Food 

Meat is the basis for food in Kazakhstan (and also in Central Asia in general). You'll still find a plate of meat grilled, fried, roast or stewed. Vegetarians have more problems because vegetarian food is a rare occurrence.

Poppy Fields 

It is a great surprise that many of these fields are littered with red flowers when one has been ready to travel thousands of miles across the plain steppe. We have found enormous wild cocoon extensions and were delighted to see that locals have stopped taking pictures of this lovely view.


Astana is the location of the International Expo 2017. The Kazakh opted for "Future Energies" as the theme of the expo. This was one of the buildings built for this case. The Museum of Future Energy is housed on the eight floors of the globe – the pavilion known as 'Nur Alem.'

Zelenyy Market 

The building is enormous, and it contains much of the country's most varied vegetables and fruits. In addition, there are also broad corridors of stalls that sell meat and milk products (forget about refrigerators). Additional items are also available, such as clothing or dried fruit.

Almaty Metro

Almaty metro has only two lines but serves central areas and is thus helpful to reach the city centre from the outskirts. Many helpful officials are inside, who are happy to tell us the line you should follow. The metro is clean and can be used as a hospital environment.

Almaty Lake

The shore, we rode the motorcycle all the way to a point where parking spots are available to leave cars, is extremely convenient. The lake, at 2,511 meters above sea level, is situated within the Tien Shan Mountains National Park, so a small fee has to be paid to reach this lake. The lake is a reservoir serving the Almaty water, so no swimming is permitted.

Modern Old Astana 

The Bayterek Tower is the monument to Kazakhstan's capital. As the capital of the nation in 1997, Astana replaced Almaty. Though Astana is the most economically developed, Almaty remains the biggest city. The town of Astana, hence the new name Nur-Sultan, was renamed after him in 2019 when President Nursultan Nazarbaev left office.

Charyn Canyon

We followed the Charyn Canyon from Big Almaty Lake. A brand new asphalt road leads to the canyon. We got to the golden hour and still had time to walk down the canyon. Then for a million stars hotel, we pitched our tent. The morning was much less glamorous because cats and dogs were raining!

Mashkhur Jusup Mosque in Pavlodar

The Mashkhur Jusup Mosque, home to about 1,500 admirers, is the leading mosque in Pavlodar and one of the largest in Kazakhstan. The blue dome recalls the start of a yurt. In the form of the octagonal star, the shrine has a height of 63 meters, equal to Muhama's era.

Spaask Memorial History

Today Spaask commemorates one of Siberia's most deadly labour camps (gulags). In Siberia, Stalin built more than 400 gulags and sent over 18 million people there. Have they been criminals? Why did the people in Siberia carry him? Many of these questions can be answered in our paper on the Gulags in Siberia.

Ak Orda Presidential Palace

The presidential palace, most photogenic in the morning, is not the President's residence (as many believe) but the workplace of the President and his Administration. The blue dome is the same colour that the Kazakh flag is in the golden stripes.

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Final Words

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