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Kenya can be your next travel destination. Want to know why? Kenya has gained popularity amongst travellers all over the world because the country has a blend of nature and adventure. Even after spending a couple of months in Kenya, you wouldn’t want to be back. They have a mix of culture, customs tradition that excites tourist. From safari ride to watching the migration of wildebeest, experiencing stargazing and seeing ancient ruins from the 18th century, these are some activities that can be experienced.


  • Why is Kenya Visa needed?
  • Process for applying for Kenya Visa
  • Benefits of 90-days visa
  • Basic instructions for 90-days visa to Kenya
  • Requirements for 90-days Kenya visas

Why is Kenya Visa needed?

Kenya Visa is an authorized document issued to tourist to visit Kenya. Kenya Visa is very essential as without a Visa you will not be able to travel to Kenya. Visa is received by email only after the application form is completed and the payment for the same is done. To ensure that you receive a visa on time, you will have to be very careful while filling your application form, as one mistake can lead to rejection of your visa application.

Now, because of Covid-19 pandemic, you will also need a health declaration to enter Kenya. This is very important along with your visa as this declaration indicates the status of your health.

Process for applying for Kenya Visa

Here’s how you can proceed with just four easy steps and a few button clicks that will take less than 10 minutes of yours:

  • Choose your living country, citizenship country and the country you want to apply for a visa
  1. Visit Tourist Visa Online
  2. Fill in relevant details of the Country that you live in, your citizenship country and the country that you are willing to apply for a visa.
  3. Click on Apply Visa option.
  • Select the valid type of visa
  1. You can select the visa according to your plan
  2. For Kenya, Tourist Visa Online has two type of visa – 90-day tourist visa(single entry) and 3 days tourist visa (single entry)
  • Fill in the Application Form on online portal
  • Pay relevant visa fee and Track Visa Status
  1. You can either pay through your debit card/credit card or PayPal.
  2. After the payment is generated, you will receive your application ID
  3. You can track your visa status online by entering your application id and passport number.
  4. Upon approval of your visa, you can download your Kenya Visa from Tourist Visa Online and the same will be emailed to you.
  5. You will have to take the print of your visa.

Benefits of 90-days Kenya Visa

When you are investing your time and money in travelling to a destination it is always good to try spending maximum time as you can. Below are some of the reasons why you should prefer a 90-days visa for Kenya:

  • You get to spend three long months on the land of Kenya
  • You can have a lifetime remembering experience
  • 90-days are enough for you to interact with the locals of Kenya
  • Cover all the tourist attraction spots
  • There will be no hurry, you can plan your itinerary for each day and give enough time to every place you visit
  • Get a chance to explore more cuisines of a different community.

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Basic instructions for 90-days Kenya visa

  • The validity of any tourist applying for a visa must be of minimum six months from the date of entry.
  • As the name says, 90-days visa will be valid for 90 days after it has been issued.
  • If you wish to extend your stay for another 90 days, you will have to apply for renewal.
  • The single entry visa means you can only enter a single time. If you exit and plan on re-entering, you will not be permitted on the same visa. You will again have to apply for a visa.
  • If an applicant is of 16 years or below age, they do not need to submit their visa application.
  • If you do not have a visa, you cannot enter Kenya.

Requirements for 90-days visa

  • Family visit 
  1. Invitation letter form family residing in Kenya
  2. Passport, ID card and entry permit visa is needed
  • Business visit
  1. Invitation letter for a business visit or invitation from the company
  2. Company’s registration copy.
  • Tourists
  1. Itinerary of travel
  2. Hotel bookings
  • Documents 
  1. Passport scan copy with a bio page
  2. Passport size photograph.
  • Basic requirements
  1. The validity of the passport to be at least 6 months.
  2. Both ways flight books are needed
  3. There must be at least one blank page in the passport.
  • The requirement for a photograph.
  1. The photograph must be recent.
  2. The preferable colour photograph is needed
  3. The face must be seen clear
  4. Background must be white or off-white.
  5. Face should not be covered.
  6. The photograph must have a formal appeal
  7. Must look decent
  8. Wearing glasses or lens in the photograph will not be acceptable.

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Frequently Asked Questions’

  • How will I know when will my visa expire?

Once the visa is issued for 90 days that means it has a validity of three months. Once you reach the immigration control at the entry of port you will be issued with 90 days stay period. If you wish to extend your stay for another 90 days, you will have to get your permit renewed before the previous one gets expired.

This way you can stay in Kenya for 6 long months.

  • What am I supposed to do after I have applied for a visa?

After you have submitted the application form for your visa you will get a generated application ID. You will have to use this ID to track your visa application status. Once the visa is approved, you can download it. The copy of the approved visa will be provided on mail as well.

  • Can our stay be extended in Kenya?

Yes, your stay can be extended, you will have to get you visa renewed for another 90 days. You can stay for a maximum of 180 days (6 months).

  • Are personal information secured, if we submit online?

Yes, you need not worry about this. Tourist visa Online offers 100% security to its customers. All your details are well secured.

  • Using a single entry visa, I have already visited once. Will I have to apply for another visa?

Yes, using a single entry visa, once you exit the land of Kenya you cannot re-enter. You will have to apply for another visa.

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