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Kenya is a country in Africa, and also the most beautiful one. If you are someone who likes to explore new and unique places and enjoy nature, then Kenya is a must visit for you. To visit Kenya you must apply for a Kenya visa for Finland Nationals on Tourist Visa Online. And if you want to know more about the country, its distinctive features, and all about the visa procedures and everything else, then you have opened the right article. Read through it.

Kenya is covered by Tanzania in the South, and Uganda in the west. Sudan and Ethiopia are in the North, and Somalia and the Indian Ocean lie to the South of Kenya. The country is covered with greenery that you should not miss. Kenya is blessed with breathtaking landscapes, rich wildlife, and so much more. This beautiful country offers a plethora of activities for its visitors.


If you are a citizen of Finland, you can apply for a Kenya visa online or you can visit the Kenya embassy Finland to get one. However, applying online is a preferable and easy choice.

Visa on arrival facility is also available, but why to waste time standing in the immigration queue when you can apply for an e visa in 10 minutes at the comfort of your home.



Safaris are one of the most popular activities that people enjoy doing in Kenya. The national parks there in Kenya house several species of animals. Kenya has almost 10% of its area as national parks, which include 29 national parks, 4 wildlife sanctuaries, 27 national reserves, and also 13 wildlife conservancies. You can visit Kenya to enjoy bird watching, if you like birds and want to know more about them. Also, Kenya has the largest wildebeest migration. From mountains, sea, to wildlife, Kenya has it all.

Amboseli national park:

It is set against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, and one of the most preferred destinations for photographers. Amboseli literally means “dry river bed”, with the reference to Amboseli.

LOCATION: Kajiado county

Meru national park:

It is one of the most watered parks in Kenya with several rivers flowing through it. Also, this is where Elsa the lioness was released back into the wild.

LOCATION: Meru County

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Marsabit national reserve and park:

This park houses a campsite and also a lodge. Hence a perfect place to visit with your family. It is known for its beauty and some scenic Crater lakes. Also the largest of the elephants in Kenya are found here.

LOCATION: Marsabit County. 

Sibiloi National park:

This is not preferred as a travel destination by the tourists because of the remote location. But the beauty of this park is remarkable. The flora and fauna in here is tremendous. You can find a large population of zebra oryx here.

LOCATION: Marsabit County. 

Nairobi national park:

The most interesting feature of this park is that it is not fenced and wildlife moves in and out of this place freely as they please. You can witness some fantastic animals here with more than a hundred species of them.

LOCATION:  Nairobi County.

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Masai Mara:

This is the place which takes away the crown. You can experience the memorable and dramatic scenery of masai mara if you visit Kenya. There are luxury lodges and campsites here.

LOCATION: Nark County. 


You can experience the best of culture while being in Kenya. It is a place with many archaeological sites and the people there have tried so hard to conserve their culture throughout all these years. Kenya has in total 44 ethnic groups with different cultures and languages.

Due to its cultural diversity, tourists are wooed to this place. The rich culture and diversity of the country adds color to it.

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Kenya Finland relations were made in 1965. Finland recognizes Kenya as an important part in maintaining diversity and also applauds the country for the culture and tradition that it has.

There has been certain development cooperation between the two countries where the Finnish government hopes to achieve poverty reduction, human rights, proper forest management; funds have been allocated to manage the same.

As of trade relations, Kenya exports tea, coffee, and horticulture products, whereas Finland exports IT equipment and power plants. A double taxation pact was signed in2014 by both countries to expand their trade relations.


If you are wondering about how to reach Kenya from Finland, don’t worry, we will help you out.


To reach Kenya you can fly to Nairobi from Helsinki, or Helsinki to Mombasa.

Alternatively, you can also fly from Tampere to Nairobi, or Helsinki to Kisumu.

The cheapest way to get there is by flying which costs around USD330-USD800, and takes almost 14 hours to reach.

The airlines connecting the two countries are namely, British airways, air France, Kenya airways, etc.


You can also drive between the two countries.  The driving distance is 9753 kilometers and takes almost 5 days to reach costing around USD1300-USD2000.

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Q. What are the required documents needed while filling out the e visa application form?

The Kenya visa application requirements are:

  •         Passport- a valid Finland passport with at least 6 months validity.
  •         Photograph- the photograph should be clicked in white background following the passport size photograph procedures.
  •         Flight tickets- Two ways, as a proof that you will return back to your country once your visa expires.
  •         Hotel bookings proof.
  •         Travel itinerary.
  •         Valid mode of payment ( Paypal/Debit/Credit card)

Q. How much does an e visa to Kenya cost?

The tourist visa for Kenya costs around USD47-USD77 depending on the visa type that you choose.

Q. What if I overstay in Kenya?

You can stay for 90 days on a tourist visa in the country, if you overstay and your visa expires that might be a hectic situation for you. You may be fined for the same, and if you fail to pay the fine, deportation may occur. Sometimes, you can also be declared as an undesirable person that means that you will be banned from visiting the country thereafter. Hence, if you want to stay for a few more days in the beautiful country, you should apply for a visa extension beforehand, and save yourself from facing these serious charges against yourself.

Q. Can I get a resident permit in Kenya?

If you want to avail a residence permit Finland in Kenya, you will be needed to apply for the same online through their immigration department.

Q. Where can i find the e-visa application?

If you are a citizen of Finland visa application Kenya can be filled on our website. You just have to open the website, enter your country of residence and the place you want to travel to, select the type of visa you want, and there you go! The application form opens rights in front of you. 

Q. How can I apply for an e visa for my spouse?

You have to follow the normal and same procedures that you did while filling out the form for yourself. Be sure to check the spouse visa requirements for Finland citizens before filling the form. 

With so many profound reasons to visit this breathtaking and marvelously wonderful country, I know that you cannot stop yourself from visiting it now. So, go and fill out the Kenya visa for Finland nationals application form now. 

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