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The Kenya visa policy and entry requirements for travelers, businessmen, investors, employees, and students are different. Foreign nationals who hold special status and are entering the country have to apply for a different kind of visa. Special status like an individual holding a diplomatic passport or a service passport, or an official passport has to apply for a Kenya courtesy visa. A courtesy visa is a special type of visa are issued to foreign government officials and members of a foreign government agency or organization. 



Only those applicants can apply who are eligible for Kenya courtesy visa:

  • Foreign nationals hold distinct positions.
  • Holding a Special passport which can be a service passport or diplomatic passport.
  • Individuals applying for a Kenya courtesy visa must also have official work or a valid reason.
  • Individuals holdings distinct positions can also apply for a Kenya courtesy visa if they are not staying in the country. But, they have connecting flights to other destinations from the Kenyan airport. 
  • If you are a government official but do not have a diplomatic passport but you are visiting a country for government duties.


The validity of a Kenya courtesy visa is 90 days from the day you get your issued visa. Expats with courtesy visa for Kenya are free to stay in the country for 90 days. If they have to stay for more time due to official work then they are eligible to apply for an extension of their courtesy visa. This process and application form to extend the validity of a courtesy visa for Kenya can be submitted to the immigration department of the country. The extension of a courtesy visa will allow the applicants to stay in Kenya for another 90 days to complete their work.



Diplomatic passport holders or service passport holders do not have to pay any fee or amount to obtain a courtesy visa.

Application form for Kenya courtesy visa

Foreign nationals holding diplomatic passports and service passports can collect the application form for a Kenya courtesy visa.

  •  The visa application form to obtain a courtesy visa is available on the official government website of Kenya (
  •  You can get more information regarding the application form for a courtesy visa on the official immigration website
  • To fill the application form for a Kenya courtesy visa make sure that you are eligible and have important documents. 
  • The next step is a simple process, you will need to fill in and answer details asked on the application form for a courtesy visa.
  • Like other visa application processes, you will also have to attach the required documents.
  • As there is no visa fee required for a Kenya courtesy visa, you can skip this step.
  • The courtesy visa to Kenya will be approved if you have followed the instructions, have attached all the documents, meet the eligibility criteria, and didn't make any mistakes in the form.
  • Take the printout of your Kenya courtesy visa to gain fast and easy entry at the airport or immigration points.


Important documents needed for Kenya courtesy visa

Any visa application process to apply for any type of Kenya Visa is incomplete without important documents. In addition to meeting the requirements for an application form. You will also have to fulfill the additional requirements to gain entry at the immigration points. Like:

  • Passport- Diplomatic passport or official passport-  Ordinary passport is only accepted by foreign government officials but neet to visit Kenya for official work. Validity should be at least six months. The information on the first page and bio page should be clear and accurate.
  • Photo- Photograph of the eligible applicant for a courtesy visa. A clear passport-size photo is needed. 
  • An official letter is also required to ensure that you are visiting the country for official work.
  • Onward and return Air flight tickets are needed.
  • Yellow vaccination certificate

Single entry or multiple entries

Applicants can apply for a single entry or multiple entry courtesy visa for Kenya according to their requirements. It may take two to three days for the processing of your courtesy visa.  The processing time for the courtesy visa will be delayed if you forgot to attach any of the important documents. It is recommended to apply for a single entry courtesy visa if you have no plans to visit Kenya frequently.


Kenya courtesy visa is a non-immigrant visa. It is issued by the Kenyan government for foreign individuals holding special positions to visit Kenya for official government work and reasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kenyan government does not provide courtesy visa for spouses and children of diplomatic passport holders. The only individual who has official work are eligible to apply for the courtesy visa.

Courtesy visa do not permit the holders to work and take part in any form of business in Kenya.

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