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Malaysian Citizens can enter the territory or visit the premises of Kenya without visa. Malaysia is the country enlisted by the government of Kenya as" Visa Free". This means that the traveler and visitor  who holds Malaysia Passport can travel to Kenya and undergo immigration with out or in the absence of Kenya Visa.

Stay Period

Malaysian Citizens can not stay in Kenya for more than 30 days . The time period to stay there and Visa Free travel time period for them is limited to 1 month . Make sure that you does not stay in Kenya more than one month. If a Malaysian Citizen is staying in Kenya more than 30 Days then the particular person must have to apply for Kenya Visa . It will be considered as illegal if Malaysian Citizen does not have visa and have crossed the  Visa free stay period .

Documents Required for " Visa Free " Visit in Kenya for Malaysian Citizen.

Although , Malaysian Citizens do not require Visa but still they have to show certain documents and data at the immigration point. Important documents like:

  1. Passport - Malaysian Citizens passport should meet all the requirements given below:
  • The validity of passport should have to at least 6  months from the day you arrived at the Kenya Airport.
  • The proper photograph of the applicant.
  • Proper passport cover.
  • Bio page and details should have to be accurate.
  • At least two blank pages without any marks.
  1. Malaysian Citizens also have to show there hotel bookings , accommodation or room arrangements.
  2. Return Tickets.

If a Malaysian Citizen is willing to stay in Kenya for more than one month then they can easily apply for e Visa online.

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Kenyan e - Visa Application

1) The first step to apply for e Visa is to submit the application form.

2) Applicants can easily find the application form online.

3 ) Applicant has to fill few information about the country they live in , where they are from and where they want to visit.

4) Do check all the details entered are correct or not and then click on 'Apply Visa ' ✅ button.

5) Select the type of visa you want according to your comfort.

6) Malaysian Citizen have to fill the application . The details in form like personal (name, nationality, etc.) , Passport details (bio page information, cover page,etc.) Travel details (hotel bookings , funds ,etc. ) and other necessary information.

7) Submit the application form.

8) Finish the payment by clicking on payment button ✅. For 90 days visa applicant has to pay  100.0USD. For period of 30 day stay applicant has to pay 80.0USD.

9) One can also add more application form and remove the application form of the person they want.

10) After the final transaction keep checking your visa status on the website.

11) The processing time or time for approval and rejection of Kenyan visa will be 4-5 days. The processing fees for 90 days and 30 day visa is same 26.0USD

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Kenya e Visa Requirements

  1. Passport - 6 months Validity.
  2. 2 blank pages in the passport.
  3. Travel proof.
  4. Scanned color photograph ( recent photo of the applicant)
  5. e-mail address
  6. Debit or credit card

Approval or rejection of  Malaysian Citizen e Visa:

If you have filled all the information correctly then you will definitely get you e Visa within 5 days through your e - mail ID . The applicant can also get their e Visa from tourist visa online  Click on Visa status button enter your application form details . Then download your e Visa.

If you have made certain mistakes in your form then your application may get Rejected and then you have to apply again.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes , the citizens of Malaysia can enter Kenya without Visa.

All the visitors regard less of their age should have passport with them. Otherwise it would not be possible to fill the application form of the child.

No , they should not stay longer then the Visa free validity period which is 30 days.

Visit the tourist visa online. Fill all the necessary information asked . Check the visa status. Wait for the approval of your Visa. Download the e Visa from the website or you will also receive your e Visa through your e mail ID.

No , the processing time is between 2-5 days . It usually does not take time more than that.

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