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Are you planning to take a trip to Kenya? If you are planning to visit Kenya, you must apply for your Kenya visa online and to help you get your visa processed faster, how we can help you! However, if you are planning to stay in Kenya for a longer term, then Kenya 5 years multiple entry visa will be the best suited option for you! To help you determine whether you are eligible to apply for multiple entry visa Kenya we will take you through the guide so that you can obtain your visa. You can fill out the Kenya multiple entry visa application form to obtain your visa based on the purpose of your visit.

What is the purpose of a Kenya 5 years multiple entry visa?

There are various Kenya visa types that are issued by the government. You can view the details of each of these visas such as the Kenya 5 years multiple entry visa fees and select the visa that fulfills the purpose of your visit. The government of Kenya issues different kinds of visa based on whether you belong to a visa free country or have a visa on arrival. If you are a national of any of these visa free countries you will not be required to obtain a pre-arranged visa. Even if you have the visa on arrival access, you can easily obtain your visa at the airport on your arrival.

However, you will be required to obtain a visa only if you do not belong to visa-free countries or do not have a visa on arrival access to Kenya according to the visa policy.  You must assess whether you require a visa based on your eligibility to obtain the visa by following the Kenya 5 years multiple entry visa rules.

Based on the duration of stay permit, these visas are categorized into different visa types such as tourist or business visa types. However, the other types of visa may have different durations of stay permit and validity ranging from short-term days to long-term yearly visas with single entry as well as multiple entry visa. You can request for Kenya 5 years multiple entry visa extension by contacting the immigration officers to file a request for extension if you want to stay for more than the stay validity your visa allows.

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Kenya 5 years multiple entry visa

This is a long term visa permit that is issued for USA nationals who require a visa to enter Kenya either for the purposes of business or tourism. The Republic of Kenya will start issuing 5 years multiple visa from 22nd September 2015 will offer a 5 year multiple entry visa for short-long term business or tourist visas for United States applicants. This long term business visa for the 5 year and tourist visas will be channelled through the Republic of Kenya Embassy in Washington DC for processing at the Immigration headquarters in Nairobi. However, to process your Kenya 5 years multiple entry visa as soon as possible, we will help you by speeding up the processing time by 3-4 days!

By applying for the Kenya e-Visa you can get your documents easily approved that will continue to run concurrently with the manual visa application process. This e-visa remains valid for a single entry visa, but now it has extended its validation to two more multiple entry visas validities that are 1 year or 5 year multiple visa.

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Requirements for Kenya 5 year multiple entry visa:

A 5 year Multiple Entry visa that remains valid for 5 years from the date of issue. You will also have to present an e-visa printout to the immigration control at the point of your entry in the country.

Fees: You can always make the payment through any payment gateway option alongside a card handling fee will be surcharged for Debit cards, Credit cards, VISA Card or Mastercards, etc.

During the application processing, you will be required to attach all of the following documents categorized by the purpose of your visit. The file formats that would be acceptable are PDF, JPG, or Microsoft word.

  • For Business Visits you must have the invitation Letters from company you will be working under or the Invitation letter for business visits
  • Copies of registration of the company if you own the company or if your company is legible.
  • For Family visits, it could be an invitation Letters from family or either of these such as Identity card, Passport, Alien card or Entry permit of the host to show the linking with the family.
  • For Tourists you must have your Travel itinerary that would have the Details about the places to visit and your accommodation proof such as Hotel bookings.
  • Front & last page of your passport: The front page includes your biographic details consisting of your passport-sized photo and your personal details. In case, your nationality does not have any information on the last page of your passport, you can attach the first page of your biodata.
  • Residence Proof: This visa requirement is only applicable if your nationality and your permanent residency are not the same. In this case, you will have to produce proof of residence of either your reservations or submit your residency visa along with the passport.
  • Passport-sized photograph: Passport-sized photographs required for any official purpose must be captured on a white background being as recent as 3 months.
  • If you wear dark glasses or non-prescription glasses with tinted lenses, they are not acceptable unless you need them for medical reasons. Therefore, a medical certificate may be required.

These are the document requirements that you will have to fulfil to obtain a Kenya 5 years multiple entry visa.

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