Kenya Class K Visa

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Kenya is the animal's home. Tourists' major attraction is to have an experience of a safari. Kenya is famous for its wild beauty; defining Kenya without its culture is a tremendous fault; it is famous for its art, food diversity, dress, music, and many more. Well having a ridding on a camel and enjoying dances and viewing zebra races will make your mood cheerful. For tourists and photographers, visiting, Kenya will be the best destination place to visit. Kenya has a tropical climate; it's hot in the daytime, and cold at nighttime. In Kenya, there is a place called Nairobi which has high mountains and valleys. 

Visa requirements for Kenya (Class K)

This should be fulfilled by the person who is applying.

  • Kenya citizens will be beneficial firstly.
  • Applicant must have an age above thirty-five years.
  • Applicants applying should have 24,000 USB annual income.

A person, while filling this condition, should be fulfilled. A passport size photo is required. A formal letter is required by the immigration service officer, providing the current situation of the country is required due to this current era. The documents are only accepted in the English language. No refundable policy is entertained; Kenya visa and Kenya passport copy are required; valid documents should be provided, otherwise, the entry will be seized.

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How to apply for a Kenya visa?

Without much time-wasting visit Tourist Visa Online site, it's not only secure your data but also easy to use. The application form is available for both Kenya visa and k-class. Valid documents must be present by the applicant during the form fill-up process; your requirements will be available within 48 hours; you can track your requirements on your email address. In the Tourist Visa Online platform, our main motive is to maintain Transparency.

Tourist Visa to Kenya

Kenya has quite a complex policy it offers free visas to many countries; those countries will get a visa policy on their arrival, but others apply 15 days before the arrival date. Before traveling check our Tourist Visa Online platform. After three months of living in Kenya, a person can extend the period and obtain a passport with six months of validation. Kenya Offers various types of visa policy

  • Single entry- through multiple entries is prohibited, and its validation period is three months.
  • Multiple entries- through this a person can exit and enter Kenya multiple times for two years.
  • Transit visa- this visa is applicable for Indian travelers; this visa does not apply to those people who want to live in Kenya for medical, business, or tourism purposes.
  • Service visa- this visa is applicable for Indians/foreigners who do not have duplicate passports; this visa is only applicable for government employees who are traveling for work purposes.
  • Diplomatic visa- this visa is only applicable for those who are represented in a particular country.

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Kenya work permit

A foreigner who wants to live for more than six months has to provide their work evidence documents before shifting to Kenya. As it permits several class criteria in the visa application process.

Kenya information

Kenya visa application is not easy (especially for K-class) some requirements need to be fulfilled.

  •  Kenya visa application form should be present in front of the immigration head officer/ headquarters.
  • No refundable policy will be entertained 
  • The application form should be filled with valid documents.
  • In the application form, the nuptial status should be defined, passport validation is required, nationality proves, gender, name of the applicant, immigration letter; all these details should be filled up properly.

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The importance of the K-class form is to get Kenya E-citizen. Kenya embrace provides E-citizen to the people if they marry their citizen with 90 days of arrival period. But it also has some verification process the genuine relationship documents should be submitted; a foreign citizen must be comfortable in the English language, and during the verification, the officer can ask for marital photographs as proof.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it takes three working days for a generation visa, but often, the form is not filled up correctly; for that reason officers need to verify the relevant documents, and in this process, a good sum amount of time is required.

No, but there is a separate form for children, i.e. (k-2 visa) which is available on our Tourist Visa Online But if you generate a green card facility, your child needs to fill out the form based on adjustment.

After obtaining a green card, a person can live in the United States. Before that, with a Kenya visa, legal action can be taken by the embassy.

Yes, but this facility is only provided to travel agents and government officers some flights provide this facility free of cost like Emirates, if you are planning for one-day validation you can do so, not more than that.

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