Attending Kenya with a conference visa

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If you planning on attending a conference or any such similar event in Kenya, then this article on Conference visa for Kenya is for you.

Kenya is a South-East African country where many organisations have their offices. Be it corporate or governmental or educational, you will find that it is a place for a great many global conferences.

If you are someone who is a member of the UN or any of these corporate or NGOs then you must find out how to apply for Kenyan conference visas. Additionally, you can also reach out to travel agencies such as tourist visa online for their expert guidance in this process.

The United Nations and its several agencies are also very active in this part of the world since it is still somewhat in the developing stages.

They are known to host a multitude of conferences and events every year to raise awareness for many different issues such as health, infrastructure, education, poverty etc. 

Find out everything about the conference visa to Kenya, by reading below.


What is a Conference visa?

The people, who are going to another country for a conference or any other kind of event, will require a special visa like this.

In our case, for attending Kenya with a Conference visa you must be going to any event/seminar or workshop being held outside of your own country.

The events that require a conference visa for Kenya include:

  • Any United Nations or their agency’s events.
  • Central Government ministries or State Government events.
  • Public Sector Undertakings events.
  • Events organised by centrally or publically funded educational institutions.
  • Any global NGOs or private company events. 



Before applying for the Conference visa for Kenya, the visitor must know a few prior requirements. We have listed below a list of five things that you should know beforehand:

  • The visitor needs to have an official invitation/confirmation letter from the host of the event.
  • You will also have to submit the details of the conference to the consulate of your own country.
  • It is not necessary that you have to be speaking at the event for you to apply, interested students, scholars etc. can also apply if they are merely interested in attending as the audience.
  • Your travel agency can also help you apply to a serial of conferences in several different countries.



For attending Kenta with a conference visa, the applicant has to submit a few documents. It can either be submitted online for an e-visa or to a consulate in person.

  • The applicant’s passport to prove his citizenship. Additionally, it should also have a six-month validity left on it.
  • Two passport-sized pictures, coloured and taken recently.
  • A Xerox of the passport should also have a cover.
  • Identity proof which should also state your permanent residential address.
  • The application form, which should be filled completely.
  • Other details such as hotel, guesthouse or inn bookings and travel plans while your stay in the country.
  • Details of the return ticket.
  • In some cases, depending on the kind of conference you are attending there might also be an interview session with the officers at the embassy.
  • Lastly, an invitation letter from the host is a must-have.

Get the authenticity or appropriateness of the documents checked by the travel agency you hire, since incorrect documents can lead to rejection.


Below is a simple summary of the entire process that will tell you how to apply for Kenyan conference visas.

  • Find and research the conference event that you want to attend.
  • Register for the event and then wait until you get an invitation letter as confirmation since it is a very important document that needs to be submitted.
  • Apply either through a travel agency or a local consulate.
  • Pay the online fee.
  • In a few days, you should get the approved visa in your email.
  • You can print a hard copy of it and carry it to the airport.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Kenya Conference visas will only be provided to those people who will into the eligibility criteria.

Yes, you will have to pay some amount of visa fee at the time of application.

The event can be anything, national, international, governmental or even academic in nature for the applicant to apply for a conference visa to Kenya.

In the event that you cannot get a Conference visa for Kenya then you can also apply for a visitor’s visa which also serves the same purpose more or less, for a limited period of time.

To avoid rejection the applicant should make sure that their documents submitted are appropriate, you should also get them checked by a travel agency like tourist visa online for their expert opinion.


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