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Kenya is the best tourist destination in the world. It has a wonderful country filled with landscapes and cultures.

This country has the Maasai Mara National Reserve with other nature preserves that offer wildlife travel opportunities such as the Serengeti and Tsavo parks in neighboring African countries. Travelers can find great hotels and safari lodges in Kenya, but they must arrange their visas beforehand. 

In this case, it is an urgent and expedited visa for Kenya that is a necessity for different visitors to Kenya and you should prepare well in advance if you want to apply for a visa and the process might belong. In this section, we will go through how to receive an expedited visa to Kenya.


What is an expedited visa?

An expedited visa also called an E-Visa, is an electronic visa that you will be able to apply for at no cost. The e-Visa is a type of visa that can be issued for international air travel to a specified country. 

This is a rare service that is available for a fee and that is different from the regular visa application and you can find in the U.S. and Canada.

This e-Visa can be issued to a person planning to travel to a listed country. In addition to the visa, not all countries require travel-specific paperwork. But, you have to obtain a passport to enter a country.

And if you are traveling to Kenya, you might want to consider an expedited visa. An expedited visa will allow you to obtain your visa in a shorter amount of time than you would normally have to wait. 

How to Apply for an Expedited visa to Kenya

Kenya is a member of the East African Community and other countries in the region have made it easy for people to travel freely between Kenya and other countries, Kenya still requires that visitors have one. 

In addition, if you intend to travel to Kenya, you must first apply for an online visa. There are usually two types of visas available to visitors. The first is for those who are traveling to Kenya for leisure purposes, while the second is for those who are traveling for business purposes. The application process for both types is quite similar.


The benefits of Expedited Visa to Kenya

The expedited visa can be particularly beneficial if you are trying to obtain your visa in a hurry so that you can make a trip soon. However, you will have to pay more for an expedited visa than you would for a standard visa. An expedited visa is only applicable to certain countries. 

Moreover, the expedited processing of visa applications can be a very smooth process and this can save you money. This expedited visa application is express processing of the visa application and is for people who need to travel to Kenya within a short time. The Department of Immigration in Kenya introduced the visa on arrival program in 2009 and it has been a welcome relief for many people who want to visit Kenya.

What are the requirements of an Expedited visa to Kenya?

The Kenya visa is a passport visa that facilitates travel between Kenya and other countries. It is usually valid for three months and is available to apply online. 

But the citizens of some countries, such as the United States of America have some restrictions on travel to Kenya - so, you must apply for an expedited visa. 

This expedited visa is for special cases, such as; if you're a doctor and need to travel to Kenya to treat a patient, or if you're a business owner and need to travel to Kenya to do business. Also, there are some of the requirements of the expedited visa such as a passport-sized photo, your passport, proof of hotel booking, proof of return ticket,  an official letter, or documentation for why you are requesting the visa.

However, the expedited Visa is a type of Kenya Visa that is issued in a shorter period of time and this Expedited Visa is applicable for people who are in a rush to travel to Kenya or people who need a visa urgently.


How much time is required for an Expedited visa to Kenya?

An expedited visa to Kenya is required for travelers that have an urgent business meeting, an important event, or a family emergency that requires them to visit the country. In general, the processing time for the expedited visa to Kenya is 4-5 working days and this expedited Visa is applicable for people who are in a rush to travel to Kenya or people who need a visa urgently.


There are no travel issues when you can get an expedited visa to Kenya from the US. You can easily get an expedited visa to Kenya through an online visa application.

And if you want to apply for a visa to enter Kenya, it is very important that you have a valid reason to go there and you have a passport, a plane ticket to the country, and a hotel reservation. 

However, you can leave Kenya at any time. 

We hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any doubts you can also take a guide from here

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