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Restriction for foreigners to visit Kenya. Kenya visa and entry requirements are needed for most of the visitors. Before the current situation, the only need was a visa and passport, but now new rules are being generated like PCR tests, HIV tests, and valid vaccination documents. Many countries have temporary bands for Kenya tourism. Before traveling, rules and regulations should be checked as new rules are updated every day by the embassy. 

Kenya vaccine requirements

For the time being, Kenya borders are open, So if you are wishing to travel to Kenya, apply for Kenya Visa at the tourist visa online platform with at least six months of passport validation. If a tourist has vouchers then they must be applied within one year.

  • PCR test is required and is valid only for 96hours.
  • If necessary, a person can undergo a quarantine process
  • Vaccination certificate
  • A formal letter from the health minister

The application process has to be online. Kenya e-visa can be obtained from our website at tourist visa online. This site provides valid costs and information. The application process is also easy; you just need to provide valid documents at our site, and within 48 working hours, you can track your Kenya visa status online

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If a person has a cough or fever, they must quarantine themselves for 14 days. If you cancel the trip, no refundable policy is there. During the application process, you must provide service and government charges. If the Kenya government cancels their visa application then a certain amount of money will be refundable but that follows some terms and conditions. According to the update, the Kenya government is not responsible for any kind of covid death; you have to maintain your safety and precautions, but slowly the situation is getting normal.

Kenya Entry Requirements

  • Immigration traveling letter is required
  • Passport size color Photo
  • The high commission should be informed before you travel.
  • Health commission formal letter
  • Must travel to the airport before traveling to Kenya for information on whether they have any restriction policy
  • A Covid test certificate is required and its validation is only for 48 hours.
  • For the time being, people will have direct entry into borer areas, so any suspicious thing can cause a year-long punishment. You must provide valid documents.

Having an e-visa is mandatory if visa policy is restricted, no entry is allowed by the Kenya visa embassy. If you are traveling using an emergency travel document then it should be valid for six months. This document is necessary as it is easier for the Kenyan embassy to keep a record. Entering with the passport (must have 6-month validation) must have two black pages for the embassy stamp issues. For Kenya visit yellow fever vaccination is required for all travelers; a country may change the requirements for vaccination, but at the border, agents may deny the permission under this disposition. If you are facing the risk of yellow fever at your landing place, prepare with the vaccination certificate. If you are unable to provide the certificate, you will be quarantined for six days. If travelers are traveling through the ship, they are required to show the vaccination shop, or rather, they will be transferred through 30 days of quarantine. These precautions were taken by the Uganda government as the Aedes mosquito is still present. The booster does be quite painless. For the time being, there are only single and, multiple entries are allotted.

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Safety In Kenya 

Terrorist rate- in Kenya, the rate of attacks is still high, especially in places like hotels, clubs, temples, parks, shopping schools, etc. Pickpockets are high on public transport like buses, taxis, in fact, on flights. The Kenyan embassy has not taken any measures on this emergency.

Scam - scam policy is still their now international scam strategy is started on a virtual platform like online dating, fake marriage, job fake guarantee. Cybercrime is increasing. The forceful marriage policy is still there. Sexual harassment is still being faced by women, and no action is being taken by the embassy.

Criminal punishment

  • Special guidance is given to tourists if they are flirting, severe punishment is given.
  • Proper medical care, if neglected, is canceled
  • Stolen valid documents can lead to 14 days of punishable offense.
  • Drug trafficking is prohibited
  • Driving recklessly while drinking alcohol has to pay a fine.

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Kenya visa requirements( for family visa)

  1. Letter of recommendation
  2. Valid photo id
  3. Flight tickets

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

It is needed for at least seven days. After you spend a night in -- Kenya your visa for an application is started to be valid; you have to submit your application on an online platform before 24 hours of traveling to Kenya.

No, it is not necessary you can simply apply for a single visa as the price per person remains the same.

You can use your debit card, master card, credit card as all transaction processing charges are free. After filling the application, complete the process by making an online payment.

No, you need not do so if you are facing any problem regarding the online visa application form then in the query section present your problem and send that to the British embassy as they don't communicate without any appointment or valid recommendation. After your problem is solved, the mail will be generated.

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