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Kenya is a beautiful place where you can witness nature and culture. This place is not just on the wishlist for travelers but for many migrants as well.

A peaceful place with joyous communities can be the best place for one to reside.

Are you planning to retire in Kenya and enjoy your time in the lap of nature? If not knowing enough about retirement in Kenya is stopping you to plan, then here is everything you should know about Kenya retirement visa.


Yes, a foreign national is allowed to retire in Kenya, by acquiring a Class K residence permit. However, this will be possible only if his or her income source is from outside of Kenya.


Kenya retirement visa or Class K permit actually lets you reside in Kenya without being employed in Kenya. You will be required to submit documents as evidence like pension, savings or any other legal source of your income.

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The following are the Kenya work permit or Retirement visa requirements:

  • Correctly filled application(Kenya work permit form 25).
  • Passport sized coloured photographs.
  • Cover letter signed by applicant’s employer/organisation.
  • Current immigration status(if any).
  • Individual and Organisation Tax Compliance Certificates.
  • Documented proof of an annual guaranteed income of at least USD 24,000 from sources other than employment, occupation, trade, business, or profession. Income should be derived from sources outside Kenya and remitted in the form of a pension or annuity.

Personal details

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Contact Information
  • Passport details


You are required to follow the given procedure to own a (Class K) Kenya work permit/ Retirement visa:

  • The first thing to do is register in an online platform of Kenya electronic Foreign Nationals Services(e-FNS).
  • Register yourself with national id or passport details.
  • Once you are registered, log into your account and go to ‘New applications’.
  • Then go to Permit and Passes Service Section and click on Apply now.
  • Once you click apply, you will be directed to the next page showing instructions for filling your application.
  • Read the instructions carefully and fill your application.
  • After filling in your application and attaching your documents, submit your application.
  • Then make payment for the required Kenya visa fee and take a printout of your application.
  • You will require to submit the printout at Immigration Headquarters Offices in Nayo or other regional offices.
  • You will receive updates regarding your visa/permit via email.
  • Once your application arrives, you are required to pay the issuance fee.
  • Then collect your permit through your eFNS account.

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People with the following eligibilities can apply for a Class K permit:

  • Applicant must be above 35 years of age
  • Must submit an undertaking stating that he or she won’t engage in employment or any other income-generating activity without a relevant permit.
  • Applicant’s presence must be beneficiary to Kenya


The applicant of Kenya retirement visa/ Class K work permit is required to pay the fee for:

  1. Processing fee
  2. Issuance fee
  3. Renewal fee(annually to renew the permit)


Applicants who are planning to stay in Kenya requires to follow the following local laws.

  • Do not smoke in public. In Kenya, you can be fined or imprisoned if found smoking in public places like hotel grounds, public beaches and streets.
  • Using or selling drugs in Kenya is illegal and if found guilty, one can face imprisonment.
  • You are not allowed to work if you do not have a relevant permit.
  • It is illegal to destroy Kenya’s official currency.
  • You are not allowed to photograph or film any official building. If found doing so you will be facing severe consequences.
  • Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya.

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In Conclusion

Kenya is a beautiful place for one to stay and spend their retirement period. The beautiful land, people and amazing view can make any day happy for you.

If you plan to spend your peaceful retirement days there, it won’t be a big trouble for you.

Just follow the government guidelines and you will be fine.

If you are still looking for more guides or information about Kenya retirement visas, then get in touch with Tourist visa online and get all your doubts answered.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Kenya e-visa allows applicants to apply for visas online without requiring to visit the embassy.

If you are a holder of a Kenya work permit for the last 7 years and have been living in Kenya for 3 years continuously then yes, you can get a permanent residence.

Kenya retirement visa is valid for a period of one year. You can renew your permit/ visa annually by paying the renewal fee.

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