Kenya Tanzania border visa

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All the tourists and foreigners who cross the Kenya and Tanzania border must apply for visa. Foreigners have to apply for visas for both countries. They should obtain Kenya and Tanzania visas to cross the border or to enter both the country. Tourists with Kenya visas cannot enter Tanzania. And, tourists with Tanzania visa cannot enter Kenya.

How to apply for Kenya Visa?

Tourists can apply for a Kenya visa according to their eligibility. Tourist who is eligible to apply for Kenya e Visa can obtain their visa online. The Kenya visa has a validity of 90 days. Tourists can apply for multiple entry visa or single entry visa.


  • Apply for your Kenya e Visa by registering the basic information asked on Tourist Visa Online website.
  • Select the visa type of your choice.
  • Fill in the necessary details which will include personal details (name, age, nationality, etc.) and passport details (bio page information, validity period, etc.)
  • Attach the digital copy of documents.
  • Submit the form with documents.
  • Pay the Visa fee for Kenya.
  • The processing time to obtain Visa for Kenya is 4-5 days. Pay the Visa processing fee for Kenya.
  • After the approval, you can get the Kenya visa by email.

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How to apply for Tanzania Visa?

Tanzania visa should be obtained by all foreigners except the one who belongs to a visa-free country. You can apply for 30 days or 90 days validity visa according to your requirements. The process of applying for a Tanzania visa is almost the same as a Kenya visa:

  • Applicants can apply for visa on Tourist Visa Online.
  • Fill the application form for Tanzania Visa.
  • Submit the Tanzania application form with documents.
  • Applicants have to pay the Visa fee for Tanzania according to the type of visa they selected.
  • Your Tanzania e Visa will be sent through the mail.
  • Keep the printout of your Tanzania visa.

You can also obtain a Tanzania visa after reaching the destination. Tanzania still provides visa on arrival. But, make sure have enough money and all the documents with you.

Documents Required For Kenya And Tanzania Visa

The documents required for Kenya and Tanzania visa are:

  • Passport- It should be original. Make sure that you are using a passport that has a validity of 6 months. One or two blank pages for stamping.
  • Photo - It should be colored and your most recent passport size photo.
  • Travel document
  • Return tickets
  • Hotel accommodation details
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Funds

Kenya and Tanzania are the countries located in East Africa. East Africa is famous for its second-largest lake which is Lake Victoria. Kenya and Tanzania are both the two most popular and famous safari spots. Therefore, tourists often visit both the country together. There are some rules to cross the Kenya Tanzania border.

Tourists have to obtain visas for both the country to cross Kenya and Tanzania border. For the present, there is no other option to obtain a single visa for Kenya and Tanzania.

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Obtaining a visa at Kenya Tanzania border

Tourists are recommended to apply for both Tanzania and Kenya visas before travel to avoid chaos and long procedures. Tourist who do not have Tanzania or Kenya visa with them. They can also obtain a visa for Kenya or Tanzania at the border. Kenya and Tanzania border have facilities or desks to apply for visas.

Tourists who are applying for visa will be asked to fill the form. And submit the form with the visa fee. Tourists must have yellow fever vaccination and health certificate to submit at the desk. Tourists have to wait in line to submit the visa form and to complete all the procedures. It sometimes takes a lot of time. And sometimes you may get your visa in time if the line at the desk is small.

Kenya And Tanzania Border

Kenya and Tanzania are the neighboring countries therefore they share a common border. Tourists choose to travel to both countries at one time due to the famous tourist places located in Tanzania and Kenya. Ngorongoro Crater and Masai Mara are popular game parks. Ngorongoro Crater is located in Kenya and Masai Mara is located in Tanzania. Both are the best game parks in the world. Lake Victoria covers three countries Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. Serengeti is a National park located in the eastern part of Tanzania which is famous for its wildlife. It is a Heritage site with a vast range of species and wildlife.

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Tourists can apply for their Kenya and Tanzania visas on Tourist visa online. You can cross the Kenya Tanzania Border by land or air if you have a visa and you have all the required documents to visit both countries.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The visa fee for Kenya is 100.0 USD.

Tanzania is a more safe country as compared to Kenya. Crime rates in Kenya are higher than in Tanzania.

Yes, you can travel from Kenya to Tanzania. But you have to obtain a Tanzania visa to cross Kenya Tanzania Border.

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