How to Apply Kenya Transit Visa application for Indian Citizens

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Indian citizens need a Transit Visa if they have a flight connecting through Kenya and you have not planned to stay in Kenya for more than 72 hours. However, if you are not leaving the airport you do not need any kind of visa to stay. If you are staying for 72 hours or more in Kenya then you should apply for a Kenya e-visa. 

Visa of Kenya for Indian citizens

Indian citizens have an option for Transit Visa when they arrive if their is stay is less than 72 hours and this requires airport fees. Also, there is an electronic visa that allows you to stay for 90 days single entry visa.

Kenyan E-visa

Kenyan electronic visa is the document that allows Travelers to visit different places in the country for tourism purposes. It is an electronic visa as if you were in sync with an online system. 
With a Kenyan Transit Visa, a person is allowed to have connected flights from Kenya to other places. An individual can also stay but the time period cannot be more than 72 hours. Also if you have a flight directly connecting and you do not need to leave the airport then you do not need to apply for any kind of visa.
Validity of Kenya e-visa for Indian citizens
The validity of a Kenyan visa for Indian citizens is for 90 days from the date of your arrival in Kenya. 

Requirements for Kenyan e-visa. 

When you apply for Kenya Visa with us it is an easy process but you will need to submit some of the documents. These documents are the same for both visas. These are – 
  • A passport with 6-month validity. 
  • A color scan of the information page of your passport. 
  • Scanned copy of your photo. 
  • A return flight ticket
  • An accommodation proof
  • Email address
  • Means of payment


Processing time and cost 

The price of a Kenyan electronic visa is dependent on the factor that how soon you want the visa. There are three options that you can choose from. The cost provided here are for a normal Visa and not for a Transit Visa. For Transit Visa you will need to pay a different amount it which is not very different from these.
Applying for Visa online is an easy process and you can do it in few minutes.

Process of application of e-visa for an Indian citizen

After you have understood and gathered all the documents you can go ahead and fill the application form. It is an easy process. You will also get proper assistance if you need it. This service is free of charge and is available for you 24/7. You will need to follow these steps to apply – 
  • The process will start with you providing your personal information including address, name, passport info, date of birth, and others. It is only here that you can choose from processing time as per your convenience.
  • After this, you will need to make a payment and reached check every detail in the application form. All the details that you have provided mustn’t have Mistakes of any kind. This can lead to you receiving an invalid Visa and you will need to re-apply for the new Visa with full payment.
  • After this, you will need to upload all the documents that are mentioned above. For example, in this step, you need to scan your passport information page. Please keep in mind that you might be asked to provide additional documents if needed. 
After uploading your documents you can submit your application and we can take care of it in a proper way. With our help, you can get a Kenyan e-visa or a Transit Visa easily.
After submitting your application you have finished your part of the work and you will get your Kenyan e visa through an email provided by you during filling out an application form. You will not need to go to the embassy to collect it. 

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Every individual, visa is required for entry from January 1st, 2021. Visitors will not be issued at the arrival in Nairobi and Mombasa. You will need to get your visa before departure from Kenyan Embassy fees or the Kenyan government official website. 

The major difference between an electronic Visa and Visa on arrival is that an individual can apply for an E visa before their arrival while, Visa on arrival is obtained when they reach their destination.

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