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Are you traveling to Kenya for the very first time? Well, if you are visiting Kenya for the first of your life, you are bound to be excited, nervous and anxious all at once! This is what happens when you go to an unfamiliar land for the very first time . However, you need worry too long because we have got you back by having you go through the Kenya Travel Tips! Travel to Kenya Africa, is a land that is full of adventures, the beauty of wildness and nature homes the most exotic species, getting to explore this country is always a euphoric high!

Kenya Travel Tips: Guide your way to Kenya - Kenya Travel Guide!

Although, traveling in unprecedented times during the pandemic has placed many Kenya travel restrictions but Kenya travel COVID guide will enable you to go to the best places with extreme precaution and safety!

Unlike other countries that are glamourous and extravagant, Kenya tourism has much to do with being closer to nature, learning from nature and interacting with other species through adventurous sightseeing and activities. Kenya is highly known for its sustainable tourism by being the most globally-recognized model of wildlife management as you get to witness pristine wilderness and internationally migrated habitats of the wildlife in Kenya that roams about freely, including most of the rare, endangered species amongst the Big Five species in Kenya.

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Kenya travel tips on how to explore Kenya:

Kenya stands to be a home to many plains dotted with animals, wildlife documentaries, the Great Migration, rolling hills and arrays of lush mountains with an amazing coastline! It is popularly stated that Kenya was made for safari. But is Kenya safari safe? Well, yes with a few precautions many of what Kenya has to offer to you is absolutely safe!

You can always rent internal flights on tiny bush-hoppers that are by far the most convenient way to travel in Kenya, but they can be really expensive and your time slots may not match or coincide which then increases the expenses. So far, Fly 540 and JamboJet are two budget friendly airlines that would be highly useful for the Kenyan adventures!

However, if you want to travel in comfort and style you might want to skip blue chip reserve locally known as the Masai Mara that may get attention in the travel media and it is not a good option to enjoy your travel itinerary because you will be squashed with the people inside since is the cheapest ride possible and it is always buzzing with all the locals. That is why the key to your Kenya travel tips is avoiding the really low-budget ‘tours’ that you are offered since you will be squashed in a minibus and spend hours driving with a crowded bus, and jerking pathways.

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Kenya Travel tips: Places to visit

To enjoy the natural beauty of Kenya and the wilderness, the best thing you could opt for is to rent a car or get your own vehicle and preferably your own driver so that you can make quick stops to many of the smaller cities and towns in Kenya such the beautiful Tanzania, Naivasha, Masai Mara or Amboseli but never miss out on amazing wonders and that’s why it is essential for you to travel to Nairobi Kenya! You can always skip the glamorous private houses and choose to spend your day closer to nature in one of the camps in Nairobi National Park named Emakoko or Ololo Lodge, both of which have fantastic service. It is safe as it is only 20 kilometres from the city and the best way to spend your hours in the park is to maximise your wildlife experiences for the most inexpensive cost. You will get to experience and witness many leopard, lion and rhino roaming the plains against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers and that view is a sight to behold!

Want to refresh yourself in the blues of the earth? The Indian Ocean coastline in Kenya is a sight to behold with the porcelain beaches, swaying coconut palms and the bushes of savannah! You can go for snorkelling and scuba diving in the enchanting underwater world at Msambweni Beach or enjoy an exquisite dine on a beach bar in Diani. The most popular Classic Kenya bush & beach trip not only explores the Masai Mara and Lake Naivasha but also extends to the Diani beach to its very end for a perfect Safari Gateway!

Kenya travel tips is all about embracing the unfamiliar and off the beaten tracks to explore what Kenya has to offer to you. So are you ready to tread on these uncharted paths? If you are every bit of the wanderlust as you claim yourself to be, you will enjoy the Matthew’s Range which is a magical landscape that can be discovered on foot as well as the Meru National Park or get a camel’s tour in in Samburu desert and discover the arid lands of Kenya.

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