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The validity of the visa means that when you have entered the country. the days start to count. The validity of the Kenya visa is for a Maximum of 90 days, a person can stay in Kenya with the visa for a maximum day of 90 days, which is 3 months. This doesn’t matter what state you have entered from. 

If you have entered some other date on the visa application date and you have entered on some other date. The validity of the visa will start from the date of entry in the country, the person staying in Kenya for 90 days can extend their stay for  180 days. 

Validity of the Kenya visa

The validity of the visa will start when you enter the country. The maximum amount of days a person can stay in Kenya using a visa is for 90 days or which sums up to 3 months. The validity will depend on what time you have applied for the visa, the person staying in Kenya for 90 days can extend their visa for 3 months.


The maximum length of duration of stay in Kenya

The maximum period a person can stay in Kenya is for 90 days, this will start from the moment of arrival in the country. if the person can’t travel to the country for any reason on the expected date of entry this will still be a case of validity of the visa. 

There is no obligation of the start date of the visa and what date has been entered in the visa application form. The validity of the visa doesn’t need to fall in the category of the arrival of the person. 

Extend the stay of Visa in Kenya

The maximum a person can stay in Kenya using the visa is for 90 days. This will start to form the day of arrival in the country. the stay of the person can be extended from 90 days to 180 days. 

This can be only done with the help of the immigration office or the immigration service in Kenya. There is some sort of problems attached with it that, there is no guarantee that the immigration office will extend their visa.

The immigration office and the embassy suggests that the extension of the visa is given only after then the hotel bookings or the accommodation’s bookings must be done. Not before that 


Some situations must be taken care of:- 

there are some situations where the passport can expire before the validity of the visa, will expire prematurely. this can happen before the 90 days, this situation can be done under these conditions:-

  • Validity of the passport 

This happens when the validity of the passport is less than 6 months before the arrival in the country.

  • Visa requirements

There are few conditions, where the immigration officer takes a personal test of the documents of the tourist, there if they found they don’t match the visa requirements. 

  • Doesn’t follow the laws

If the local authorities complain or suspect that the person is not obeying the local laws of the place. 

Procedure for multiple trips in Kenya

The visa for Kenya can only be used only once to enter the country. the moment the tourist leaves the country the passport will expire when you leave the country. if the tourist wants to travel to Kenya again then he or she needs to get this visa. then they need to apply for a multiple entry visa.

Few conditions are attached with the multiple entry visa that is, the person can only get the re-entry visa after he or she left the country. the person cannot be given a visa when they are staying in the country. Even the application will not be considered while the person is still in Kenya. 


The cost of the visa in Kenya is around 74.95 pounds per person, this is the rate for both the visas, which will include the tourist visa and the business visa. the visa can be extended for a duration of. Maximum of 90 days. 

Time is taken for the delivery of the Kenya visa. 

The government of Kenya has made this initiative for the tourist around the world to help them get the visa, this will help them to travel to Kenya. This will also help them to increase the GDP of the country, the average time taken for a tourist visa to deliver is 8 days. This is not the maximum time taken for the delivery of the passport, this is the average time of delivery of the passport. 

The time taken will be started from the time when the Passport is scanned and the passport photo is given. After all this and making the payment, submitting the documents they can deliver you the visa. the delivery time of the visa can never be expected, after completing all processes the delivery process of the visa can be started. this process can’t be influenced by anyone in the ministry also. 

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