Do Dutch citizens need a visa for Kenya

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Kenya is a popular tourist destination with its beautiful coast and wildlife reserves. The majority of citizens in Kenya come from Europe and the United States. However, if you come from the Netherlands and you want to visit Kenya, then you will need a visa. This article will guide you how to get a visa for Kenya if you are a Dutch citizen.                  

Why do Dutch citizens require a visa for Kenya?

One of the most commonly asked questions about Kenya is whether or not the Dutch need a visa to visit the country. There are different types of visas that are issued to visitors to Kenya, but it does not apply to all countries.

Before traveling to Kenya, the first thing that you should be aware of is the type of passport you have. It's good news is that visiting it does not require a visa from many countries.

Unfortunately, this is not true for all ethnicities. You will need a visa to enter Kenya if you are a Dutch citizen.


How do Dutch citizens apply for a visa for Kenya?

Dutch citizens traveling to Kenya only need a visa in special circumstances. They may need a visa if they are planning to work in Kenya, study in Kenya, or if they are planning to stay more than 90 days. 

Dutch citizens planning a short visit to Kenya do not need a visa. If you are planning to stay for 3 days , you can apply for a 3 days tourist visa for an individual entry.

When you are planning to stay for 90 days, you will need to apply for a 90 days tourist visa for an individual entry before traveling to Kenya.  After the 4-5 days of processing time, you will get your visa

What are Kenya's visa requirements for the Dutch citizens?

Kenya ranks high on the list of dream destinations for many people. It has a varied and diversified culture as well as beautiful beaches.

There the majority of the tourists visiting Kenya come from Europe and the United States. They can enter Kenya by air or sea or land border. The citizens of the EU and the rest of the world cater to Kenya by air without a visa, but they are required to have a valid passport or ID. 

Kenya requires Dutch citizens to get a visa before entering the country. A visitor visa can be obtained. The requirements for Dutch visa passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival, an invitation letter from Kenya, proof of lodging, proof of return ticket, one current photo, and also proof of visa payment.

The visas on arrival are available for tourists, business people and other short-stay visitors. They cannot be extended and must be obtained before traveling.


What is Kenya's visa fee for the Dutch citizens?

Kenya requires all foreign visitors to hold a visa. Tourists and business travellers who do not intend to work and earn money in Kenya and who wish to stay for less than 90 days, do not require visas. 

The Visa costs for Dutch citizens in Kenya vary. The most convenient way for a Dutch citizen to get a visa for Kenya is to apply for one. This costs about 77 USD for 90 days tourist visa with 90days visa validity for an individual travelers

Otherwise you can choose a 3 days tourist visa with 72 hours visa validity and this visa costs about 47 USD for an individual entry.



Make sure you have a passport that is valid for at least six months after your intended departure date from Kenya.and you should have required a visa to visit Kenya as a Dutch citizen.  

And whenever you're travelling with family members, they'll need their own passports as well.

If your passport is about to expire, you must renew it before visiting Kenya.

However, if you are an EU citizen the visa-free travel policy means you can enter Kenya for up to 90 days and you can also stay for up to 90 days in a 180 day period. Since you're a non-EU citizen, you will need to apply for a visa before travelling to Kenya. Further documentation on the visa application procedure may be found here.

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