How to Apply Kenya Visa for Egyptians

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Did you ever have the urge of adopting a baby elephant or a baby giraffe or any other wild animals? Adopting a wild animal or a baby elephant or a baby giraffe sounds interesting and adventurous. You might be thinking that these are only imaginary things. Have you ever visited Kenya? Kenya gives you the opportunity of adopting these baby animals interacting with them and also taking care of them. Many famous authors who had visited this country in Africa had penned many beautiful lines about its wildlife. Kenya is mainly known for its culture and landscapes and beautiful and rich and diverse wildlife Which attracts tourists from all over the world every year. Kenya is known for its beautiful and stretching savannahs and the beaches of Kenya are quite soothing. Kenya is also known for its famous fish delicacies which all the tourists try at least once in their life if they visit Kenya. There are some countries who Can apply for an online visa to visit Kenya. So, hearing about its diverse wildlife and fish delicacies you might be right now thinking of visiting Kenya. Egyptians after they had seen their one of the seven  wonders of the world, the pyramids at Giza  in their country, want to also visit Kenya to see its beautiful wildlife. So you all might be worrying about how to get an evisa or an online visa to Kenya. There is nothing to worry about as tourist visa online will help you throughout the whole process and will also tell you about what are the required documents that you need while you are applying for an online visa to Kenya. You will also be told about other details and other information while you are applying for an online visa to Kenya.


Types of Visas available to Kenya for Egyptians

  • Tourist Visa – Egyptians are very eager to discover the secrets of their beautiful wildlife. In order to visit Kenya as a tourist or if any exception want to visit their friends and family in Kenya then they can opt for a tourist visa. If Egyptian has any other private reason to visit Kenya, then they can also opt for the tourist visa. The visa has a validity of maximum ninety days.
  • Business Visa – There are many professionals and other businessman who want to visit Kenya to expand their businesses all to grow their visibility of their business. Even if there are any entrepreneur who want to visit Kenya to set up a new business then they can also opt for this business visa. If there are any other professionals who want to visit Kenya for their work-related activities or as an ambassador then they can also opt for this business visa.
  • Transit Visa – This visa is mainly issued to those persons who want to visit to other countries Through Kenya. Visa is valid for only about 72 hours. If the travellers want to visit other countries and have the connecting flights through Kenya then they have to get this visa.
  • Visa on Arrival – Issued to those persons who have forgotten to apply their visa online. This visa is issued to those persons at the airport of Kenya provided they bring their correct documents which are needed while applying for a visa.
  • East Africa tourist Visa – This single visa gives you the opportunity to travel to three countries – Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya. This is generally a multiple entry visa which is valid for maximum of 90 days and the fees for applying for this kind of visa is US$101. You can also apply for this kind of visa by going to the embassies or the consulate.


Documents required for Egyptians when they are applying a visa online for Kenya

  • The first and the foremost important document is that the Egyptians should have a passport that should be valid for at least 6 months.
  • The applicant should also have with him two passport size photos which should have at least 80% face coverage and should have a matte finish.
  • The applicant should also have the proof of the airline tickets through which he or she is traveling. The airline tickets should have the dates of both arrival and the departure.
  • In case of tourism purposes or even for business purposes the applicant should definitely show their hotel bookings or the place of residence where they will be residing in when they will be staying in Kenya.
  • In case of business purposes, the applicant or the professional must bring their cover letter from the institute or the organization they have been working for or they are sent to Kenya from.
  • You should also keep ready with themselves the bank balance or the bank statements for at least last three months.
  • You should also have the Receipts of your visa that you have paid while you are applying for the visa online.


Processing time and the Fees required 

The processing time for any kind of visa is 4 to five days. The cost for the 90 days tourist visa provided that it is a single-entry visa is 77.0 USD. The cost for three days tourist visa provided that it is a single-entry visa is 47 USD. 

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