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Indonesia Citizens

Kenya and Indonesia hold a consular relationship among themselves. Its have been a shred of evidence on history and recent scenarios. It's been long concrete relations that have been established for a few countries Poison one's ears theologies. Nairobi embassy after a quite Like conflict has settled in Kenya. Kenya and Indonesia have both been active members as well as partners in the world trade organization and non-aligned movement. In Nairobi, the embassy has signed a petition by both the countries Kenya and Indonesia to established a cultural prospect which includes anti-terrorism, athletics training, cooperation prospects, diplomats training, etc. which will improve their trades business ideas and better way of upliftment.

  • Both the countries used to participate in Olympics
  • Both the countries population are under control
  • Kenya and Indonesia share a 5 hours difference in the time zone
  • Both the countries do not allow illegal trafficking and terrorist upcoming events
  • Both the countries foreign affairs countries minister has organized a meeting for opening an embassy in Kenya.
  • Main exports of Kenya are tea, vegetables, tobacco, jute, textiles, leather, all essentials fibers, coffee seeds, and peroxy salts.
  • Indonesia's main exports are glasses, clothes, paper, all kinds of cooking oils, machines, electronics equipment; etc.
  • Indonesian citizens can visit via appealing through an e-visa. Kenya embassy has granted 150+ countries to approve or apply for e-visa.

All travelers can visit Kenya by acquiring some simple and formal rules set by the embassy under certain terms and conditions.


Kenya embassy usually offers-

  • For Tourist Visa

  • Single visa
  • Multiple visas 
  • Group visa

All the above types are available

  • For Business Visa

  • Single visa
  • Multiple visas 

These types are available but in this types, multiple visa are prohibited for the current situations

  • Student Visa
  • Single visa

In this type, students can apply for the stayed visa for the time the student is studying in Kenya. For that reason, the Kenya embassy will easily grant their needs and requirements.


  • Employee visa

  • Single visa
  • Multiple visas 

Both of the visa categories are been grated to the applicant if the applicant has been an employee in Kenya or works in Kenya for many years.

Visa Requirements For Indonesian Citizens

Visa for citizens are easily available on tourist visa online, you can visit your destination place it will display all your related details of the country with prices and days of travel with special pack display is been started on tourist visa online. Its display the best market value price among all of the traveling and booking website. Tourist visas online through its service have won many travelers' hearts. It's been recognized as the top trusted and ensure booking site. Its service ratings are quite appreciated and well attain.

  • Passport  manifestation of the candidate is an necessary protocol
  • Indonesia citizenship proof
  • Image or photograph of the variant recent days
  • Residence or booked place proof is a required factor
  • Criminal annoyance is severely punishable
  • All process is committed on online process.

All these requirements are essential for the needs of the visa.


Currency For Kenya

In Kenya 1 Kenyan Shilling equals 0.68 Indian Rupee. Normally US dollar is been used as humor of exchange and transaction. Tourists are advised to carry cash as maximum transactions occurred in cash and it's essential for travelers in case of emergency.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes they required visas and mainly obtained visa is a single entry which is available on tourist visa online, with a maximum validity period is 90 days, visa extends policies are also available on the site. Kenya also offers visas on arrival in many and special cases that also with convincing details.

It's been permitted but only to the well-founded people as this has been prohibited to the local people for the current situations. E-visa is been allotted to every visa for the time being. If any candidate traveling with a transit visa then they must move with 72 hours otherwise entry may get prohibited by the Kenya embassy under extending stay period.

Kenya citizens can stay for a maximum of 90 days and that’s with a single visa only. A single visa can be extended to 180 days by appealing through an extending visa in your site that is a tourist visa online.

It's been estimated that the Kenya embassy offers 43 countries free visa entry. Well under the new regulation Kenya embassy also allowed Uganda and Rwanda under free visa policy.

Normally to the applicant of tourist visa online its take 72 hours for processing and you can also track the requirements via the tracking process which will be the message or email the link to the applicant. You just need to pay the service charges which are already included in the payment process of the application form.

While it’s the best process to apply for an e-visa is by online mood. As its processing are quite easy and fast. And at the border pre-checking would not be essential if you do not apply for an online visa. And the extension process is also quite easy if you applied through online.

No you cannot travel with Nairobi with a transit visa as it does not allow any travelers with transit visas no regulation has been updated regarding this issue.

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