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A Libyan citizen can easily travel to Kenya and work there for a limited time, however, they are also allowed to get a permit for tourism. However, to get a Kenya visa service for Libyan check out to know where and how one should get the visa and low rates. The visa rate for the Kenya visa for Libya is 

90 days visa type 100USD

3 days visa type 80USD 

Processing charges of both the visa type are 26.00USD.



Someone who wants to travel to Kenya for Tourism or Family Visit Business purposes can refer to for a visa through travel visas online. A person who aspires to get employment in Kenya.

  1. Travel insurance is necessary to fulfil the requirement for the travellers, travelling to Libya. 


  • The travellers must provide an original signature passport, which contains 1 single copy of the familiar information page of your passport. Which must include :
  • A passport of validation for the next 6 months
  • one single blank visa page (amendments and endorsement sheets cannot be used to fulfil this need)
  • Not be ripped, pulled, segregating, or distorted in any other way
  • It should be taken against an all-white background
  • It should be two inches

Give it with a broad and wide frontal picture of your head with your face centred in the middle and picturing a neutral expression

One should wear neither eyeglasses nor headwear except for sacred purposes

Your photo should not be attached to the application and this may not display an indication of sticky tape or staple it.

It should include a fully completed copy of the visa application form. The application form must have the following items:

  • answers for all fields
  • Be duly signed
    You must obtain a letter of invitation. The company the visitor is visiting should provide an invitation. A copy is acceptable. This letter must it should be directly sent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the consulate service. 
  • Must Include a current address and phone number of the organization or the traveller 
  • Include the number of entries, one is  requesting for visa


Types of Kenya Visa

One must be needing a visa for Kenya for entering the Republic of Kenya. Here are the types of visa, which are provided by the Kenyans.

· Single Entry Visa For Kenya

A single Entry Visa is only permitted to travellers who wish to stay in Kenya for a shorter duration. Single Entry Visa can be used only by a person. However, the traveller who travels to Kenya for tourism purposes or business purposes or medical purposes. The traveller must include the requirements of the purpose of the visit. A   tourist visa for Kenya and a work visa for Kenya is only single-entry visas.  The traveller must specify the need of whether it is for tourism purposes or work-related.

Multiple Entry Visa For Kenya

Multiple entries, the visa is for the Libyan visa holder. In this visa type, Business people are entitled to a Multiple Entry Visa as they require to go across the countries for trading purposes as a part of the business.

Transit Visa For Kenya

Transit Visa is also known as a temporary visa that is pursued by a traveller when they are in a need of to stay in Kenya to reach his/her desire destination. In his type of transit visa, the passport holder of Libyan is not allowed to do any trading, business as well as medical purposes. who wish to stay in Kenya for business purposes, tourism purposes or medical purposes. This is a single-use visa and valid for at least three days.

Diplomatic Visa For Kenya diplomatic Visa is only granted to diplomats. Diplomats are foreign or Indian citizens (Libyan citizens), who currently hold a diplomatic passport and desire to travel to Kenya to perform any official duties or government work commitments. 



This article shed a light upon the important factors of Kenya.

Where to apply for a Kenyan visa 

A traveller who desires to visit Kenya can apply online, on the official site of a tourist visa online. This is the no1 visa service provider with 2m+  visa applications. In which one has to fill up the application form and need to submit the required documents. Or they can also reach out to the embassy.

Apply Kenya Visa

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