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Kenya government and the rules made by the government states whether the particular country needs to obtain a Kenya visa or not. Kenya visa rules, states that the Kenya visa for Singaporeans is not required to enter, stay and exit the country. The Kenya visa rules permission to 45 countries in the world to enter, stay and exit the country without issuing a visa. But, the Kenya visa-free facility may vary or change depending on the reason and duration for all the visa-free countries including Singapore.

Singapore citizens who wish to travel to Kenya for vacation or tourism purposes, certain business reasons, and transit. The applicants who have a diplomatic passport or service passport can also enter the territory of Kenya without the need to apply for a visa.

Stay Validity-  The visa-free entry for Singapore citizens will only permit a short duration to stay in Kenya. Kenya visa for Singaporeans grants the permission to stay in Kenya for 90 days. Any visitors or tourists who are staying in a country for more than 90 days, then they must apply for a Kenya visa. They can obtain their Kenya visa from the Kenyan embassy.


Documents Required to enter the country

Even Singapore is a visa-exempt country but still, the tourists and visitors must carry and present the following documents:

  • Singapore Passport - The passport will be needed for proof.  The validity of your Singapore Passport to visit Kenya must be 6 months. The passport must be original and in a good condition for any tourist traveling from Singapore to Kenya. Two or three empty pages without any stamps.
  • Accommodation information- The proof of your hotel bookings. If you are staying at some other place then details about your accommodation. Purpose of visiting which may be tourism, business, etc.
  • Funds- Money is the basic requirement so you can stay comfortably and can afford to stay in Kenya.
  • Vaccination certificate- Every individual traveling from Singapore is recommended to carry a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Because of the risk of transmission of yellow fever among travelers from Singapore. 

Additional Documents required due to pandemic

Some additional documents you will need to enter Kenya visa-free due to pandemic:

  • Every tourist and passenger from Singapore must carry the negative PCR COVID test results. To obtain entry in Kenya, if you are not vaccinated.
  • The tourists and travelers from Singapore must have received both doses of the COVID vaccine to enter and travel to Kenya.
  • Travelers and tourists from Singapore must also wear masks and follow all COVID guidelines.


Visa Extension for Singapore citizens

If Singapore citizens will leave the country before 90 days then a visa is not required. If Singapore citizens are planning to stay and live in the country for more than a validity period, you can acquire a Kenya visa extension for another 90 days. Singapore citizens can apply for a Kenya visa extension at the immigration department of Nairobi or Mombasa. 

Singapore citizens can collect the form from the immigration department which is almost the same as the Kenya visa application form. Provide your personal information and other related details asked in the form. The immigration officer or the authority will take few days to accept or deny or request. 


Kenya is located in the eastern part of Africa and has vast range of species and wildlife. The major religion practiced in Kenya is Christianity and Islam. And some minority religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and other traditional religion of Kenya. The east African country Kenya is famous for its Big 5 game. The wildlife habitat of Kenya, lakes, and rift valleys are another reason to travel to Kenya. The national park and safari park also attract tourists from every part of the world.



If you are a Singapore resident and hold a Singapore passport then you can enter Kenya without a Kenya visa. As a Kenya visa for Singaporeans is not needed, every tourist or traveler is free to visit Kenya for 90 days. If you are applying for a Kenya visa then you can submit your application form at Tourist Visa Online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During a pandemic, many countries have imposed laws and rules. According to the Kenyan government, you must have negative PCR results with you or you should be fully vaccinated. To stop the spread of infection and maintain a healthy environment. Otherwise, it is necessary to quarantine yourself after reaching the airport.

The money Singapore citizens will require to visit Kenya may vary but the minimum amount of money you must have is $20 to $50 per day.

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