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After visiting and embracing Temples built in Buddhist styles in their own country, the Thai citizens will be quiet happy to know that they can also visit Kenya now to see the rich wildlife they have. Will be quite surprised to know that they can even adopt baby Wild animals but that advantage they will only get if they visit Kenya. They will also get the advantage of seeing the stretching green savannahs and also they can relax and spend their time on the soothing beaches Kenya has. Tom Yum Goong, Som Tum, Tom Kha Kai are the famous delicacies that the citizens of Thailand already had but now they can try more delicious but fish delicacies of Kenya. The official authorities after seeing the high demand of visiting Kenya they had also established a new way of applying for a visa that is the travelers or the tourist can apply for the visa online itself. So, if you are trying to or planning to visit Kenya every Thailand citizens to try all the famous dishes of Kenya and visit the rich wildlife Kenya has. For this all the citizens of Thailand need to have a visa. You don’t have to worry about the process or the documents required for applying a visa to Kenya because tourist visa online will help you with all the kinds of information that you need and will also help you out with the process and will give you the authenticated visa and will charge no extra service fee. Tourist visa online are always ready to help you with whatever doubts you have at anytime of the day and you can contact us without any hesitation. 


Types of Visas available for Citizens of Thailand to visit Kenya 

There are different types of visas for the Thailand citizens while they are already planning visit to Kenya.

Tourist Visa – The citizens of Thailand will grow an urge to explore the secrets of the beautiful wildlife that Kenya has and therefore they can plan a holiday or spending their vacation in Kenya. Even if that I citizens want to visit Kenya only to visit the family of friends residing in Kenya then also, they can opt for tourist visa. 

Business Visa – There are many professionals from Thailand who want to visit Kenya only to expand their business or for any other work-related activities. They can also be sent to Kenya as ambassadors or to work on the behalf of their institutions or organization. 

Single Entry Visa – This is visa is for those who want to go to Kenya only for tourism purposes and this visa is valid for 90 days. In this case the date of the trip must be more than three months from the date of your travel.

Transit Visa – This visa is mainly issued to those who has an emergency to visit Kenya and this visa is valid only for 72 hours. This visa is issued at the airport of Kenya.


Documents required for applying a visa online to Kenya for the Citizens of Thailand

  • The first thing and the most important document that you should bring with yourself is the passport that should have the validity period of at least six months.
  • The applicant should have the proof of the information of the expiration of the passport and the issuance of the passport.
  • Applicant should have with himself or herself two passport size photos with 80% of face coverage.
  • The applicant should have in their passport at least one blank page.
  • Applicant must show the proof Of the airline or the flight tickets which will be having the arrival and the departure dates so that they are back in their home country before the visa expires.
  • The applicant should definitely give a valid email address where his or her evisa will be issued.
  • The applicant must have the proof of his bank balance and the bank statements for at least last three months.
  • The applicant should pay the fees for the visa either via credit card or via debit card and also have the proof of the received that he had already paid for the visa he had applied for.
  • For tourism purposes or for business purposes you need to show the hotel bookings that you have done in Kenya or the place where you will be residing during your stay in Kenya.
  • For business purposes it is a must that the applicant should bring the cover letter from the institute or the organization he had been sent to Kenya from or under the institution or the organization he’s working.


Fees and the processing time

Processing time for any kind of visa to Kenya for the citizens of that island is 4 to five days. The fee for a tourist visa Provided that it is a single-entry visa is 77 USD and the validity for the visa is 90 days. And the fee for the transit visa is 47.0 USD.

Apply Kenya Visa

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