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Kenya, is a country in Eastern Africa that is officially known as the Republic of Kenya. Kenya forms the 48th largest country in the world and is the second largest source of foreign exchange revenue following agriculture. The Kenya tourism board maintains all the information about Kenya’s tourism. However, if you are planning to travel to Kenya, you must obtain your visa online by filling out the Kenya visa application form online. Before applying for your visa, you must determine whether you require a visa or do you belong to any one of the Kenya visa free countries or visa on arrival countries.

What are Kenya visa free countries?

The government and the immigration authorities have set visa requirements and regulations due to the influx of people visiting Kenya. Ever since 2nd July 2019, the nationals of Kenya have had visa free or visa on arrival access to around 61 countries and territories. These visa requirements are administrative entry restrictions that are placed by the authorities on the citizens of Kenya. In terms of travel freedom, Kenya’s passport has been ranked as the 74th according to the Henley Passport Index.

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Do you belong to Kenya visa free countries?

If you belong to a Kenya visa free country or have a visa on arrival access to Kenya, then you are not required to obtain a pre-arranged Kenya republic visa, you can get your visa in the airport as and when you arrive. Around 43 countries are visa exempt, they either have visa free access or visa on arrival access to Kenya. In case, you do not belong to any of the categories of visa-free countries or visa on arrival access then you can easily apply for your visa online. Since 2 July 2015, Kenya introduced an e-Visa system. According to the government an application should be done at least 7 days in advance and visitors can stay for up to 90 days with e-visa. Applying for a Kenya e-visa application makes all of your processes faster and easier as you will be able to comply with all the Kenya visa requirements. Applying for an e-visa will also enable you to skip the procedural delays of Kenya embassy visa issuing since you do not have to deal with the Kenya embassy at all.

List of Kenya Visa free Countries: 

You must know the lists of the visa free countries and visa on arrival access countries so that you can determine whether you are required to pre-arrange a visa or how and when you can obtain your visa or what all visa requirements you must adhere to. These visas have a validity for 90 days unless stated otherwise, visa on arrival is also available for a duration of 90 days only. You can ask for a visa extension by filing an extension request to the immigration officials if you want to stay in the country longer than the stay permit allows you to.

To help you determine your Kenya visa requirements, here are a list of Kenya visa free countries:



















 Malaysia (visa free access for 30 days)





 Papua New Guinea

 Rwanda ID


 Saint Kitts and Nevis

 Saint Lucia

 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

 San Marino


 Sierra Leone


 Solomon Islands

 South Africa (30 days)



 Trinidad and Tobago


 Uganda ID





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List of the countries that are required to obtain a visa:

Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Eritrea, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Palestine, Senegal, Syria, Somalia, and Tajikistan.

If you are a national of any one of the Kenya visa free countries, you will not be required a visa but if you do not belong to that visa on arrival or visa free countries, you will be required to fulfill the Kenya visa requirements to obtain a visa.

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