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Kenya is a beautiful country with lakes, mountains, and forests. It is a land that comprises both water and land features. It shares a coastline border with the Indian Ocean. It’s situated in eastern Africa. The Nairobi is capital of Kenya. The Kenyan shilling is the money used in Kenya. Swahili is the official language of Kenya. It is also considered the best place to visit as a tourist. They have forest ranges, mountain ranges, savannah, and lakes. We are going to see about the Kenya visa for US citizens. The details about the Kenya visa on arrival for US citizens, Kenya visa requirements for US citizens and we will see about tourist visas. You can experience the whole tradition and culture of Kenya.

Kenya visa requirements for US citizens:

For the processing of Kenya tourist visa online there are a few details and documents required. The date of the valid period must be for a minimum of five to six months. The bio, front, and back pages scanned copy that’s asked for submission. The photos are the other important detail. It should be very recently taken. The background must be white. Black and white images are not allowed. The visa may get rejected if you don’t follow the proper guidelines. The tickets booked for from and to are important. This is to confirm that you will leave the country without staying after the given time. The purpose of the visit is very important. The purpose can be a visit to family or friend’s home or undergoing any medical treatments. Tourist and business work also come under the purpose of visit. The payment options for paying for the visa process. The debit and credit cards and other online payments are acceptable. The booking of the hotel for stay is important as proof for staying. The email detail is a must for getting the visa through the mail. They send the approved visa through emails only. So you can easily download them and take the printed copies as required. The travel plan just mentioned places you want to visit during the stay. It’s needed just to know the activities planned by the passenger. 

The action plan for applying for the visa:

We know the requirements for the visa. We will see the action plan for applying for the visa. The time consumed for applying for the online visa will be just about 20 to 30 minutes. The service done for applying visa is free of cost. The visas are applied round the clock 24*7. 
The first step is filling in the personal details and choosing the required visa for travel. Then next the amount for the visa selected that’s mentioned. You need to do the payments by your choice. Then check If the payments that’s done. Then the documents required must be submitted in the required place. Then after this entire process click the submit button. The process will start once you follow the mentioned plan of action correctly. 

Types of Kenya visa:

The single entry visa will cost about INR four thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine. It will take up to three days for processing. The expiry date for the visa is for about three months. The entry allowed for this visa is only one. 
The transit visa for 72 hours is the other visa. The period of stay is up to 72 hours only. The time took for the processing will be about 2 to 3 days. The expiry for the visa will be of 3 months from the issue date. The cost of the fee is about INR two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine. 

Processing methods of visa:                                                                              

There are 3 kinds of processing methods for the visa. The amount will increase when you choose the process that completes within a little time. The first one is the normal processing or the standard processing. They are a regular and slow process. It generally takes about 5 to 6 days to complete the process. The rate is maybe between ninety-three dollars. The next is the rush process. Here the work process of the visa is a little rapid. They take about 3 to 4 days for processing the visa. The cost of this may range in hundred and twenty-three dollars. The final one is the super rush. This is used in cases of emergencies. They will take only 1 – 2 days to process. It is a very rapid process. The cost may be a little more the rush process. All the rates may vary according to the place of applying for the visa. 


These are the details of Kenya visa requirements for US citizens. The tourist visa is also mentioned in detail. The processing methods applied in Kenya visas for US citizens are also given. Kenya is an interesting country to visit. There are places like forest safaris where you can see a wide range of animals. The animals like the leopards, rhinos, lions, elephants, etc. are famous here. Try to include all these places during your visit to Kenya

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are options for a visa on arrival. The passengers can avail of visas on arrival at the airports directly. 

Yes, all the Indians who want to visit Kenya will need a visa.


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