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There are transit visas available for 3 days. They can travel to places in and around Kenya if they have a visa. The connecting flights are available for travelling to other places. The transit visa is the chance for people who stay in the airport for a long time. They can visit nearby places to enjoy and pass the time. As Kenya has a lot of places to visit the wildlife is an important feature. So by getting the transit visa know how much time gap is there for the next flight. You can’t be late for the next flight by visiting the place. So if there are more than 12 hours you can plan to visit places. Else don’t take the risk if the gap is only for 4 hours. As the check-in and the security check consume more than 2 hours. You can leave the airport only when you have a visa. We will know more about this in the above topics.


The time valid for the transit visa is only 72 hours. If the passenger wants to visit Kenya for tourist purposes he/she must get a tourist visa. The documents needed are a passport, tickets for leaving the country. The passport-size photo with a background in white color is a must. The recent photo that’s taken within 4-5 months. The photograph should not be black and white. The front view of the full face of the passenger is important. The background can also be an off-white colour. The face should be neat and clear. No different head accessories should be in the head. Like the caps, hats, and big hair clips. After applying for the transit visa the payment for the visa is a must.

Transit visa and airports:

The travellers who are travelling through Kenya need a transit visa. They want to leave the airport and go to other places in Kenya. They can travel and return within 3 days. There are two international airports in Kenya. They are the Jomo Kenyatta airport present in Nairobi and the Mombassa has Moi international airport. They are the main airports in Kenya. The flights from about 50 countries land flights in these airports. The people who want to travel to places from airports can avail themselves the required transports. They can travel to places using cars, taxis and public buses. You can travel by road as they have good infrastructure for roads. Try booking the hotels for a stay according to your needs and stay. If you can book online you can do it in advance itself. The weather in Kenya is very pleasant and attractive.

Places to visit in Kenya:

The Nairobi national park is the best for viewing wildlife. There are many animals like rhino, elephants, lions, and leopards. From the Nairobi airport, they can go to this place that’s located from a distance of 13.9 to 14 kilometers. If we travel by car it may take up to 40 minutes. Inorder to count then there are more than hundreds of different flora and fauna species. The bird species are also about 400 species. The price of the tickets for elders is about forty-three dollars. The kid’s ticket price is about twenty-two dollars. The place will be open in between morning 6 am tonight 7 pm. There is another place like the Giraffe center. The giraffe has the conservation center here. The distance from the airport to this place is 27 to 28 kilometers. It will take about 40-45 minutes to reach the place. The ticket for the elders is 15 dollars. The kid’s ticket is for 7.5 to 8 dollars. The place will be open at morning 9 am to evening 5 pm. 


There are many more places to visit in Kenya. The museum at Nairobi has a gallery of arts and exhibitions. It is situated about 19-20 kilometers from the airports. So do get the visa and enjoy the place. There is a lot to explore and enjoy in Kenya. Do get a transit or tourist visa and visit the places one by one. The requirements of the Kenya visa are also mentioned in detail.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The passengers who don’t have the e-visa can still get the visa on arrival at airports. The Embassy of Kenya and the commissions are the ones providing the visa. There is a list of few countries that can avail visas on arrival. Only those counties are eligible for this visa. All the other countries need to get the other required visas. So know the status of your country and book a visa as per needs. If you don’t have the options then choose the other kind of visa.

The answer is yes they need to follow the procedures of photo and biometric. The passenger who enters the airport needs to go through this process. This is just to make sure there are no issues between the people and the country. There we have a secure and stable environment for both passengers and the staff at airports. In case of any emergency, they can use these details to trace them out. 

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