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There are several different kinds of visas available if you want to visit Kenya. In this article, we are going to talk in detail about one of these, which is the Kenya sticker visa.

It is a little different from your regular visas which have an online application process. There are travel agencies like tourist visa online which will provide you with support for a sticker visa application.

Situated on the eastern side of the continent of Africa, Kenya is very popular for both, tourists as well as volunteers or business-related visitors. It has warm weather all year round, with high humidity and rainfall which makes it a perfect getaway place anytime in the year.

If you are just visiting the country for a short while as a tourist, then it has a lot to offer. One of the best things about it is that it has a vast coast due to its nearness to the Indian Ocean.

Visitors can lounge on the beaches or make trekking trips to the savannahs, Lakelands, mountains and highlands. There is also the option of taking up a desert safari in Nairobi. 

Being covered by thick forests, it has a large number of natural reserves and parks which offer safaris and camping opportunities as well. There are many exotic animals as well as animals on the verge of extinction which are being safeguarded.

It has a great local cuisine passed down from generations as well as local markets that offer many souvenirs. Continue reading the article below to find out more about the Kenya sticker visa.


What is a Sticker Visa?

A sticker visa is essentially your passport stamped with the visa. Its terms and conditions as well as the application process are not very different from a regular visa. The only difference with the Sticker visa for Kenya is that you will have to get it stamped at the consulate. 

The visa will also list all the information that the traveller is valid for. It lists the activities they are allowed to partake in, along with the sticker visa number, and the places they can visit.


Here is a list of documents required for the Kenya sticker visa application:

  • Passport with two blank pages left and validity of six months after entering Kenya.
  • A passport-sized photograph, coloured and with a white background.
  • Itinerary of all the places the traveller will be visiting.
  • Details of all the accommodation bookings made.
  • Bank statement of the past three months at least.
  • Return flight ticket details.

At the time of document submission or before it, you should talk to a travel agent at the travel agency which you are using. They must go through all your documents once so that there is no ground of rejection on that front.



Once the Kenya sticker visa has been issued, you can check the validity mentioned. It should have these labels, <<FROM>>, <<DU>>, < <VOM>>. 

It will list the day you can enter along with- Until, AU and BIS for the last day that you can remain there. The traveller cannot remain in the country after the last day mentioned.

It will also list the number of entries you are permitted to make with that visa. If you overstay the number of allocated days, it will be considered an offence.



You can apply for the Kenya sticker visa through a travel agency offering the service or visit a local embassy.

  • Fill the application form, with your name, personal and travel details in full.
  • Attach the required documents after double-checking them.
  • Pay the visa fee and submit it.
  • In a week’s time, you will have to go to the embassy and get the visa stamped on your passport.
  • Remember if you have had an old passport; carry both the new and old for the trip.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the standard, applicants will have to pay $56 at the time of Kenya sticker visa application.

Once you have the sticker visa stamped, it is better to go through all the information and double-check it before the trip. The name and their spellings, addresses, dates etc. should be correct or the airport authorities can stop you from entering.

An e-visa will be cheaper and easier to obtain online, however, you will have to visit a local consulate to get the sticker visa. It completely depends on the applicant which one they would like.

Yes, travel agencies such as tourist visa online offer you services regarding the sticker visa applications both online and in person.

The visitors’ Kenya Sticker visa validity will depend on the visa validity they applied for; it can range from 3 days to even 90 days.

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